While You Were Sleeping

You are awake. But before you were sleeping, and game stuff occurred during that period of time. Disastrous, right? No. You are saved, by the contents of this very post! This is While You Were Sleeping, your chance to catch up on what went down overnight and beyond!

After stoking the fire myself, and initially getting a bit frustrated with the reaction to the Mass Effect ending, I sort of now wish people would just totally stop talking about it. But the drama continues, with one fan trying to take the case federal, and a BioWare producer promising that the team will "keep listening" and that new content will bring closure. I have to say, I don't like the sound of that.

This is an interesting question: could Kickstarter projects damage studio relationships with publishers? Not sure I agree with this, but it's certainly worth reading.

Our weekend Editor Logan Booker has put this top notch feature together focusing on a developer's journey from the big time to indie. And you wish you were this good at Draw Something. Well, my wife does at least, because she will not stop playing this game.

In Short Could Kickstarter Damage Studio's Relationship With Publishers Mass Effect 3 Fan Complains To Feds Over The Game's Ending Via Bioware, Blizzard, Red 5 And Intel: An Aussie's Journey From The Big Time To Indie, Part One You Wish You Were This Good At Draw Something Mass Effect's Producer Promises 'We'll Keep Listing', And New Content That Brings Closure


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      Yes, yes. That's all well and good, but why is it called the Basking Shark?

        Because it basks in what a kool animal it is!

          Are you sure it's not a typo and it's actually the Basting Shark? Omnomnomnom mmmmm, shark.

            Or the Baskin Shark which has an internal cooling system that keeps it's stomach cooled to sub zero temperatures and sicks up (or poops out on rare occasions) 31 flavours of ice cream.

      My favourite shark is definitely the Great White Shark. A truly magnificent ocean predator. I hope to go down to South Australia to do a cage dive with them soon.

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