While You Were Sleeping

Wakey wakey folks! Oh man, I'm so tired. Technically I'm still sleeping. Alright, time to snap out of it! Video game news!

BioWare, I am disappoint. So disappoint. Looks as though the team is bowing to fan pressure and actually working on some sort of addition to the Mass Effect 3 ending. I'm not going to go into all the reasons why I think this is the wrong decision, but yeah... I think it's the wrong decision.

Epic Mickey 2 — it's a musical. And a video game of course! How does this work? What gives? Has there ever been a video game musical before? I'm pretty excited about this!

This is some more info on Far Cry 3, you can now buy a life size Portal 2 turret, and I'm totally downloading MotoHeroz HD.

In Short BioWare Working On New Mass Effect 3 Ending Life Size Portal 2 Sentry Turret Now Available Far Cry 3's Drug Crazed Pharmacist Will Make Sure You Do Lots Of Drugs Epic Mickey 2 Will Be A Video Game Musical Motoheroz HD Combines Racing And Platforming For A Fast, Fun Ride


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    I think he's roadkill, not asleep.....

      My thoughts exactly, or has been shot

    I hope EA makes the add-on ending free, or they'll be getting a huge amount of fan hate and I don't think Bioware can afford more of that right now given the fan response to their last 2 games.

    Shot is a better assumption actually. Yes,. shot....

    is that kangaroo alive?

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