While You Were Sleeping

Morning everyone, tomorrow you probably won't have to wake up early. Today? Well, you do. Unless you're a student, and if you are, go back to bed and make the most of it!

There's been a fair amount of speculation recently on the next generation of consoles — when are they coming, what technology will they be using, etc. Another question has been: how will games be distributed? Will the next generation of consoles still use disc based media, or will they go full digital? The boss at Gamestop, the largest games retailer in America, believes we'll still be playing media that's sold in stores. For whatever that's worth.

Angry Birds — it's easy to hate, but it's always been a guilty pleasure of mine. I haven't tried Angry Birds Space yet, but the second I stop playing Ziggurat, I will.

Minecraft hits Xbox LIVE this May, the upcoming LittleBigPlanet Karting game doesn't look that bad, and who knew Mass Effect 3 was so suited to rap?

In Short Gamestop Boss Thinks The Next Xbox Will Play Used Games The LittleBigPlanet Karting Game Didn't Ask For Actually Looks Good Why You Should Play Angry Birds Space, The Game Everyone's Talking About Minecraft, New Fable Hit Xbox LIVE This May Who Knew Mass Effect 3 Was So Well Suited To Rap


    Because bacon.


      Pig trumps all. :D

        Also, I can't believe you didn't think to coordinate with Mark and Tracey for Kool Animalz Week and get the WYWS picture to be of the animal you were talking about.

    Mincraft - seems legit.

    Where's the dead roo?

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