While You Were Sleeping

Would you look at that side profile! What a dashingly handsome dog. And now, for the news that happened over the weekend!

Assassin's Creed III Collector's Edition box with necklace and book ... is it real? Is it a fake? Over the weekend an Italian store uploaded the image of the box before taking it down. As Logan mentioned, the necklace is a bit naff but we're curious about the contents of that book!

Face importation will be fixed in the next Mass Effect 3 patch, so those of you who have had to suffer with glitchy faces will soon get to play with your custom Shepard faces!

In other news, Minecraft has almost made as much as Angry Birds, the Bioshock movie has been put on indefinite hold, and Super Time Force looks amaaaazing!

In short Online games retailer reveals Assassin's Creed III Collector's Edition Face importation will be fixed in the next Mass Effect patch, whenever that arrives Minecraft has made almost as much as Angry Birds Bioshock director bails, says studio and developer aren't seeing eye to eye Holy crap, Super Time Force looks cool


    I'd like to wish a happy birthday to Leonard Nimoy! Also on this day in 1804 - The Louisiana Purchase was divided into the District of Louisiana and the Territory of Orleans.

      Dammit, Shiggy! Why you make me have to learn stuffs on Monday morning? :P

    That puppy is far from asleep. It's still cute though.

    -Btw...HELLO you two.

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