While You Were Sleeping

While you were sleeping, GAME Australia finally commented on the collapse of GAME UK and revealed that the Australian arm of the retailer is currently looking for a buyer.

Last night we reported that GAME's global stores are currently looking for buyers — that includes Australia.

Rumours are swirling of what the next PlayStation will be named, and here is a rumoured sketch of the system's features.

The creator of Wasteland 2 has called the dynamic between publishers and developers "awful", and these are some classy-looking PCs.

In short GAME Australia is looking for a buyer The next PlayStation is called Orbis Sketches of PlayStation Orbis features surface then disappear Wasteland 2 creator calls the publisher developer dynamic 'awful' The aerodyne is a minimal modern take on art deco design


    More chance of selling sand to the Saudis than selling GAME.

    Aw, is that also Humphrey? Because I thought he was a boy.
    I'm a bit Sad to hear Game isn't doing well. I loved their insane mid year sales

    Ah, it all makes sense now. If you know your parent company is going to collapse and swallow those profits you worked hard for, wouldn't you splash out on some big parties and call them 'promotional events'?

    YOUR PUPPY HAD A PUPPY? DEAR GOD. The cute is killing me.

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