While You Were Sleeping: The Mass Effect Special

Wake up! WAKE UP! VIDEO GAME NEWS HAS HAPPENED! No time for sleep Doctor Jones, you have to go read now!

Today I thought, let's see what non-Mass Effect stuff happened last night. After a bit of scrolling and reading I realised that all the interesting things that happened overnight were pretty much Mass Effect related.

So here you have it — the Mass Effect While You Were Sleeping Special!

Where to start... ah, with the review! You definitely want to read that. Then you might want to scare the crap out of yourself by reading about the fact that some elements of the Mass Effect 3 character import system aren't working.

But then you can breathe a slight sigh of tense relief when you hear that Bioware is working on the issue. Here's hoping for some sort of super quick patch.

Here is something about the voice commands in Mass Effect 3 and, finally, this is a list of solid tips before you play Mass Effect 3, to help you get the best out of the game.

In Short Ashley Concussive Shot, And Other Voice Commands In Mass Effect 3 Before You Start, Tips For Playing Mass Effect 3 The Best Way Bioware Says It's Working On Mass Effect 3 Face Import Errors Oh Dear. Mass Effect 3's Character Import Isn't Working Properly Mass Effect 3: The Kotaku Review


    Mark, you need to let us all know if the street date is broken?
    Im all for release dates keeping their mark, but i don't like staggered release just for no real purpose. Surely us aussies could of gotten the game even just the next day?

    They release it on thursdays because of our delivery system ;) ......eb had it since monday tho ;(

    Maybe they should have worked on the patch rather than the day one DLC. So you know people could actually play the game.

    The From Ashes DLC is now out on the Aussie market place, for all the good it will do anyone.

    Anyone know how big a download ashes is?

    because the chicken was off duty!

    How could anyone sleep right next to a flock of sheep? It would be loud.

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