Who Needs Diablo III When Crate’s Grim Dawn Looks So Good?

Who Needs Diablo III When Crate’s Grim Dawn Looks So Good?

Grim Dawn is an in-development hack’n’slash RPG from Crate, an indie studio founded by a couple of ex-Iron Lore guys. This pre-alpha video of the game, showing off the “Occultist” class, makes me feel good about the genre — the likes of Crate and Runic are keeping Blizzard on its toes and in some respects, showing them how things should be done.

If there’s something oddly familiar about the game (other than its dark setting and demonic overtones), you should know it’s built on top of the Titan Quest engine. Crate managed to license the tech and tools from Iron Lore before it shuttered, allowing the dev to dive immediately into the game proper.

There doesn’t appear to be an official release date, though Wikipedia has “TBA 2012” (accuracy pending). If you’re super-keen and want to help out, you can actually purchase a key right now.

Grim Dawn Pre-Alpha: Occultist Class [YouTube, via RPS]


  • The game is shaping up to be damn good. Between this, D3 and Torchlight 2 we should have all the hack’n’slash we need.

  • Awesome, Titan Quest with gore! Titan Quest’s engine and tools were/are pretty good. They would have been a great platform to start with, I’m very happy that the Iron Lore guys live on, Titan Quest was a quality game, let down by a rather uninspiring title. With D3 and TL2 on the way it’s going to be a crowded genre to get some attention in.

  • Titan Quest was a great game. My brother still plays it regularly. But three quality games in the same genre in the same year, you’d think at least one of them isn’t going to get the attention it deserves.

  • Seems like a gamble to release something like this in the same timecframe Diablo 3 is coming out. Kind of like releasing an RPG at the same time as Skyrim.

  • Whenever I hear news about Diablo 3, it just makes me look forward to Torchlight 2. Finding out about this one makes me further interested in the alternatives to D3… though graphically it also makes me miss the original Dungeon Siege games 🙁

  • This is awesome. Between this and Torchlight 2 we’re gonna get some hack’n’slash we deserve not Activizzard’s bs pretend Diablo game.

  • This thing is still pre-Aplha. It’s not going to compete with the D3 release. If it comes out Q3 or Q4 2012 it should do well.

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