Who Wants To Be A World Of Warcraft Beta Panda?

Blizzard is gearing up for the beta test of World of Warcraft's next expansion, so it's time to opt-in or be left out. Or you could just purchase a World of Warcraft annual pass for guaranteed beta access and a free copy of Diablo III.

With a new playable race and a new class coming in the Mists of Pandaria expansion, Blizzard's going to need a lot of people to make sure the balance is just right so they can break it later via patch. Folks that opt-in to the beta test via their Battle.Net account will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis, but only after everyone that's purchased an annual pass for the game have gotten into the beta.

If you really, really must guarantee early Panda parties you can purchase an annual pass up until the May 1. If not, hit up the opt-in fact to gauge your chances.

Mists of Pandaria Beta Opt-In FAQ [World of Warcraft]


    Old news it old.

    well it's good and all, but still we don't know who is the main villain in this expansion, which was the selling point in the previous.

    Thats because there isnt one. Blizzard have said many times in interviews they're breaking that formula. Its more about the horde vs alliance conflict.

    @Truthteller - The end villain is going to be Garrosh, was dropped in one of may articles after the NDA was lifted on Monday.

    If you get the annual pass you won't necessarily be in the beta straight away either. It will be in waves according to the FAQ at blizzard. so yeah, don't get the annual pass if that is the main draw card for you.

    New villain is Bobby Kotick. Eh Eh?

    It's amazing that the dropped the spoilers for the very last patch of the expansion before the game even entered the beta. I guess we can take that as pretty much conclusive evidence that they just don't care about the story.

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