Why Are You Still Sitting At Your Computer When There Are Pokémon Living In The Wild?!

Did you know there are Pokémon living out in the wild? Real, honest to Nintendo Pokémon.

Ok, so not really. But it sure does look that way in this YouTuber's creation. I certainly wouldn't mind visiting wildlife habitations if they were filled with adorable Bulbasaurs and Charmanders.

Thanks Christopher!


    Pretty cool. I remember when I wished that pokemon were irl lol. I was like stuff school! I'd go on a pokemon adventure when I'm 10 and not age for years! HUZZAH! Secretly still wish pokemon were real:P

    Okay, so dogs are terrible ideas because getting by dogs hurts. Cats scratch and that sucks alot too. Magpies? Don't even get started.

    So yeah, nature sucks pretty hard. Know what would make it suck more?

    The ability for those stupid things to give us third degree burns or arrythmia.

    Bah. Bah I say.

    This is really cool, but, in all honesty, it looks kinda REAL fake, not even believable fake, just fake.
    I'm sure there are a lot of hours put into this but pokemon just can't look real, and if they do, people bitch it's too realistic. It's unfortunate since this was really cool. Believe me, I think it's awesome

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