Why Journey Is A Grate Video Gaem By Mark Serrels Age 7 ANd A HALF

Today something really, really wierd happened. It was a big explosion and this man came out of all this smoke and he said hey Mark I'm you from the future could you maybe play this gaem and then write about the game for my website in the future I said whats a website and then I told him to go away I'm playin Dizzy.

Then he plugged a really big teevee into the wall and said why dont you look at this and stop beeing really stupid I said yuor face is stupid hahahahah I'm so funny.

BUT then the TV went on and wow. It was a playstation3 and the colours on the teevee were so bright I had to cover my eyes or I would keep seeing the teevee every time I closed my eyes like it was an allusion.

Futur me said you should play this gaem called A JOURNEY. I said okay but the controller was really difficult and weird so I had to work out the butttons and stuff. But then I did and it was amazing.

In the game you are a man who does walking in a desert it is so realistic that my eyes just cooldn't believe what I was seeing. The man walks around and you make him walk but it looks really cool. Its bit like Dizzy because you walk around, but in this game you are not an egg you are a man with a really cool coat that moves around when you walk.

But the best thing about jouojn jurney is definitly the sand. SAND IS SO COOL IT'S THE BEST. It makes me want to go to the beach and run around but my mum doesn't let me go to the beach because she says Im too white and the sun is not my friend. Mum what do you know you dont know anything.

THE'RE is loads and loads of other stuff. But mostly walking but it was okay because walking in this gaem is really really cool. I asked my older me if it was okay if my little brother could play but he's too dumb and he wont get it the older me said. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. My brother is only five and he isnt as good at games as me.

Also guess what i had for dinner today. It was mince and tatties and it is my favourite dinner. I ate it all but i didn't eat the peas cause they are taste really wierd. Then my mum saide Icouldn't eat ice cream if i didnt' eat my peas so i said fine ill just eat tem so then i had the ice cream. I stirrred the ice crem until it was like a mulkshake and trhen I drank it!!!!!!

Sometime their are other people in a jurney and you can go around with them like they are your real life frienmd. I wish my friend Scott could come on a jurney with me and we could walk around together but the futur me said Im not allowed. What do you know older me you are so dumb and your not as tall as i thought i would be even though you are still big.

In conclusion i think this is probably the best game ever made because graffix are soo cool and the colours are hundreds. The sound is also reall y good and even though the controls are too hard for me to begin with I got used to it and I was really good at the gaem in the end.

Thnak you futur men for reading my review.

Graffix: 99% Sound: 110% Replayble: 88% Gaemplay: 100% Overalll: 100%

Summary: Jurney is my best game.



    Well you didn't want to write just another love letter, I'm pretty sure you succeeded :)

    did you give past you a clip around the ears?

    This seriously, seriously needs an audiobook version of it.

    But who would voice it? I'd probably be fine with Serrels for that too, preferably impersonating a 7 ANd A HALF year old.

      Also my favorite too.
      I spent so long just staring and smiling at that strip when it went up :)

        Just checked to see if they sell prints of it.

        They don't.

        Super sadface.

          Nevermind, I missed the glaring "buy this print" button.

      Omg I just felt all warm and fuzzy inside!!! That's JUST how I felt playing it!!!

    Now I'm just waiting for this review to appear as a professional review on Metacritic...

    And I enjoyed it, nicely done Marky Mark.

    Want this game, but have no more blocks left on my memory card :( used them all on FF7.




    Mr. Serrels. you are just fething awesome.

    jesus christ, what kind of fucked up 7 year old wrote this.

      He's not 7. He's 7 AND A HALF

    I don't get what all the fuss is about. This is pretty much how every review reads.

    Bravo mr Serrels, Bravo. You told me nothing about this game except that it has sand in it but now I'm quite interested in taking a deeper look.

    Hahahahaha, this is eight seven-and-a-half kinds of awesome!

    Somone tell me how much this is on PSN? I should really play it. lol

      Price isn't yet confirmed for AU, but based on recent releases and US/PAL currency conversions, etc...

      Then expect the price to be $23.95. Hopefully it will slip under $20 though.

      Hoping for a PS+ Day 1 discount myself!

        I look forward to US PS+ subs getting it for free :p

          I hope your Journey home is flooded with many passengers with loud music playing!

        Eh? $20 for a "game" (and I use that term very loosely) that takes 3 hours to knock off? [frowns]

    Serrels arrives in the past, kneeling on a dinner plate, with a blast of electricity, stark naked ala Terminator

    Best review. Here, have a smiley-face stamp: :o)

    Oh god, Serrels has finally lost his mind. I take this opportunity to declare my interest for the newly vacant editor position!

    My cynical attitude towards videogames that refuse to follow my personal path makes me sneer at this article.

      My cynical attitude towards idiotic commenters on this site makes me sneer at this comment.

        My cynical attitude towards clever rebuttals on the internet makes me sneer at this response.

          You're nothing if not predicatable. I do feel sorry for you though, each and every time I read one of your inane, bitter and cynical remarks.

          My allergy to cynical responses towards clever rebuttals makes me sneeze.

          My cynical attitude towards cynical posts makes me sneer at my own post.

          My clever butt towards attitudal cynicals sneers on the response at this internet.

        To be fair, this comment wasn't an idiotic one. And it appears he was more having a go at himself, than at the article.

          Um, dude. It's a joke. A parody. He was playing along for a laugh.

            My cynical attitude towards you having a laugh makes me go get a glass of water and then go to the toilet.

      I believe Neo-Kaiser's comment was in jest (or, at least I hope it was).

        Does this game have an Australian release date yet, dudes?

    I'm too white and the sun is not my friend.

    My current sunburn and I laughed heartily.

    Are reviews art? Because this is ART!!!

    The misspellings and the heartfelt writing speak to my soul like no review has done before. Wow.

    But really. What's it like? I'd love a serious review.

      Kirk Hamilton's review is right next to it on the front page -- well worth reading.

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