WWE’s Sheamus: An Old School Bubble Bobble Fan

WWE’s Sheamus: An Old School Bubble Bobble Fan

WWE wrestler Sheamus was in Sydney late last week to promote the upcoming August WWE Raw tour and the even more imminent Wrestlemania 28 pay-per-view. I sat down with him to discuss WWE’s approach (and his own) to social media, but somehow the topic turned to gaming.

You’d probably associate any WWE wrestler more with THQ’s never ending stream of wrestling games, but when it comes to electronic entertainment, Sheamus is an old-school Commodore gamer.

“Yeah, real old school. I’m talking about Commodore 64; Midnight Resistance, and Microprose Soccer, y’know, and then moving up to the Amiga 600; Formula One Grand Prix, Fire and Ice, Zool.”

“Although I wasn’t a big Zool fan; I remember that it was supposed to be Sonic’s arch-like rival for the Amiga, but it wasn’t. I played a lot of games, man. Sensible Soccer, Rugby World Cup; Dino Dini’s Goal, Kick Off, and all those games. I was definitely a gamer. I had the freeze frame for the Commodore 64; I played a lot of games.”


He smiles — and despite his immense physicality, he’s a softly spoken and quite charming guy — as he fights off some travel fatigue and draws his mind back.

“Rainbow Islands and… what was the Blue Dragon (game) called? Bubble… Bubble Bobble!”

Not all old school gamers stick with it, however, and Sheamus isn’t that much of a modern gamer.

“I don’t get really time any more. I mean, I’ve played the WWE games for THQ; like WWE 12 which I’m a big part of, and of course WWE All-Stars and things like that. All Stars was great for me too because it was so easy to pick up, and literally get into the action, but I don’t get really get time any more.

I’ve tried downloading a couple of things for the iPad, but I just can’t get over the controls on the touchscreen; it’s just… I find that I’ve got two left hands, fella; I feel like putting my foot through the screen, to be honest.”

The issues with iOS devices and big man wrestlers isn’t a new one; there’s a number of interviews with Paul “The Big Show” Wight where he bemoans using touchscreen controls.

“Oh, yeah; the iPad’s a problem. His hands are twice the size of mine; it’s incredible how big that guy is. But he’s a big gamer; a lot of guys like him, Randy Orton, Cody Rhodes, Kofi Kingston, all those guys are big gamers. But I just don’t have the time any more.”


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