You Didn't Ask For This Amazing Deus Ex Cosplay, But You're Getting It

This is Videros, a cosplayer from Germany. You needed that intro because, for all intents, he may as well actually be Deus Ex star Adam Jensen, complete with future pants, fancy jacket and snappy sunglasses.

About the only thing he's missing is a shot of him eating cereal, but it looks like it was taken at a convention, so we'll let that one slide.

For more great Deus Ex cosplay, see this previous post.

Adam Jensen [animexx]


    Pretty good apart from the clearly fake beard. Looks like those bad hair plugs you see some people have.

      To me, the fake beard actually adds to the overall effect. Jensen clearly had some facial reconstruction done, possibly including some skin grafts. Since whatever replacement was used for his lower jaw didn't have hair follicles the doctors decided that some Beard Augs were required.

        Good point. Never thought of it like that.

        That kid probably isn't old enough to grow facial hair yet.

        Also, beard augmentations are an awesome idea, a beard increases a man's hotness by about 25% I think. ;)

        I've never been able to grow anything more than a pathetic neckbeard. Wish I could get beard AUGS.

          Don't feel bad! Your beard's just not the ultimate toned, shaped, buff badass it could be! Whip that flabby beard into shape with the FollicleMaster 6000! Yours for just $29.99!

            Well, four separate payments, of course. GST not included.

    Needs moar gold

    The pants and shoes don't seem to suit that well... but the rest looks decent.
    His face shape is quite similar.

    i want those glasses.

    If the beard where real, it would have looked brilliant! Otherwise still pretty cool.

    You didn't ask for this fix, but here it is:

    I look at that beard, and all I can think of is "Step 1: Cut a hole in a box"

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