You Haven't Lived Until You've Successfully Performed A Cabbage Trick Shot In Skyrim

It's a lot more fun — or maybe just funny — than it sounds. Rooster Teeth's "Achievement Hunter" duo set out to find yet another random and quirky pastime in Skyrim.

Because you have probably exhausted all quests, side quests, and hoarding possibilities in the latest Elder Scrolls title from publisher Bethesda, now is the perfect time to trick shot some cabbages into buckets. What else were you going to do with that Alteration spell, anyway?

Geoff and Gav get creative with their newfound activity, bouncing cabbages off of guards and having them roll off the roofs of houses before successfully plopping into the small target of a bucket. Wait until the end for a momentous celebration. The laughs are worth the wait.


    People play skyrim still? Im starting to think the dlc will never come

      100~ hours and I'm still no where near done with my first char. Enjoying the exploration and getting everything done plus leveling all the perks I can. ;D idc about a dlc atm, so much to do.

    Oh my god

    I think they underestimate the internet. Someone will always make a better shot.

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