You May Never Have Heard Of The Braid Creator's Favorite Band

I hadn't, anyway.

Jonathan Blow, the creator of Braid and the upcoming puzzle-symphony The Witness, is a very cool dude. Chatting with him last week, I had this realisation about what he was doing with his upcoming game — the way that his carefully crafted puzzles locked together like the motives and themes of a symphony.

So, I thought I'd ask about his favourite band. As it turns out, Blow is partial to Dirty Three, an Australian instrumental outfit made up of Warren Ellis on violin, Mick Turner on guitar, and Jim White on drums. They are super, super good.

Their music is simple, mournful even, something like a more rough-and-tumble version of the wonderful (and sadly, now defunct) San Francisco outfit Tin Hat Trio.

Blow told me he likes to listen to this music as he works; there are no distracting vocals, and each time he listens, he hears something new. I've noticed the same thing — their songs are very simple on the surface, but they carve out a wide open space for their music, creating an immersive and emotional hodgepodge with each tune.

The piece above, titled "Sea Above, Sky Below," is a great example of what they're all about. It even has a melody that comes close to the sax solo in "Careless Whisper," which earns super extra bonus points with me.

You can find more about Dirty Three and hear more music on their MySpace Page.


    Cheers for the update, Kirk! I loved the tenuous link to gaming! This is my favourite article ever!

      Haven't listened to them yet, but I'll take any excuse to find a good band I haven't heard before.
      I have a feeling I've heard of these guys (Heard of Warren Ellis at least) but haven't heard their music before.

        They are awesome

          The do sound pretty good. I'll be checking out more of their stuff.

      Because gamers never listen to music, ever...

    Awesome. One of my favourite bands too.

    Was it Kirk that was the king of hipsters who did an article about how cool he was? Or someone else?

      Not sure if I remember the article, but I would've thought Tim Rogers (I keep thinking of You Am I when I see his name)

    Thought this was definitely going to be about the defunct hardcore band, Braid.

    Warren Ellis has created an amazing body of work with Nick Cave over the years too, for interests sake.

    Videogame news everybody.

    Argh! the Dirty Three are playing here in Castlemaine this weekend and I can't get tickets... Although I don't think they could top Bonney Prince Billy from last weekend. They're still awesome though

    Never heard of the Dirty Three? Shame! :)

    Not only have I Not Heard of The Braid Creator's Favourite Band, but I also Couldn't Care Less.

    I love the Dirty Three. Seen them several times over the years, but not for a long time now.

    Big Day Out one year, I was watching the Dirty Three, but also keeping an eye on the time as I wanted to catch another band due to start soon. Warren Ellis said he was going to announce a special guest singer joining them on stage soon. I decided to myself that the Dirty Three wasn't really suited to a singer, so I took off to see the other band.

    Turns out the singer was Nick Cave. Still kicking myself over that.

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