You May Sign Up For The Hybrid Beta Now, Shoot It Out In April

When game developer Jeremiah Slaczka isn't answering your questions right here on Kotaku, he's making a multiplayer shooter called Hybrid with his team at development studio 5TH Cell.

He'd love for you to join the beta of his game and try it out before its summer release on Xbox Live Arcade. But, hey, disclosure people! He now writes for us once a month. So you should judge for yourself if the game looks cool, okay?

The trailer up top shows you what Hybrid is all about.

The beta starts in April. You can sign up at


    THN for showing me, looks awesome, signed up and told a few friends :D

    Xbox only makes baby cheesus cry.
    3D movement while aiming would work perfectly on PC...

    Heeey, I remember hearing about this before. It looks pretty cool. Sadly I'll have to watch from afar and hope that it gets released on PC or PSN or something. Looks really fun. :)

    Pity it's xbox only. everyone on the 360 is playing COD anyway, so I'l be surprised if it gains any traction.

    Looks like Reach with worse graphics

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