You Will Believe Four Young Boys Can Save The World From Redheads

Kenny, Kyle, Cartman and Stan join forces to defeat Tenorman's Ginger Army in South Park: The Game. How? Perhaps these latest screens can shed some light.

Don't worry, redheads. I realise cartoons are cartoons, and I still love all of you.

Except for you, Frank. You're a bit of a jerk. Sorry, had to be said.


    These are screens for the upcoming XBLA game South Park: Tenorman's Revenge.


    This game is going to be awesome you guys, I'm seriously. :P

    The game is a side scrolling RPG? I assumed it was a third person RPG :-(

      Thanks @blackwater. I was really disappointed for a moment. I hope Kotaku US makes the correction.

    As a ginger I find this highly offensive

      And so you should ... but no one cares.

      As a ginger I find this highly hilarious!

        Damn right. Also, you should be using caps, Neil. I am disappoint.

    I never understood the sudden 'ginger' jokes of the last few years. It's like all that Chuck Norris shit - everyone jumps onto it like sheep.

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