You Wish You Were This Good At Draw Something

Perusing Draw Something's Facebook page, you'll notice some very impressive drawings from players. Take a look at the gallery for some of my favourites pulled from the submissions on the app's Facebook page.

If you read up on our Gaming Apps of the Day, you'll know that I'm a big fan of Draw Something. Even with all my boasting, though, I'm nowhere near as impressive as these guys.

I've seriously avoided drawing Beyonce about 20 times because she seems too complicated for me to draw with my basic stick figure skills. I'm skilled at making witty references with basic drawings, but I can't draw to this accurate degree. At least not with my index finger and my iPad.

And on that note, who is up for a challenge? Post your favourite drawings from Draw Something in the comments, and I'll pick the best ones for a new gallery dedicated to you guys.

Draw Something [Facebook]


    must have a galaxy note and the flash stylus, because im stuffed trying to draw a stick figure with attached arms and legs

    OMG HAX.
    I'm writing a letter to the police RIGHT NOW.

    Can't tell if cheating or just Asian.

    I'm a design student who can't draw, who's friends with design students who can draw. This is the most demoralising game I have ever played.

    But I am this good!

    (not really) for "SHOOT"

      It's not that great and I'm no artist, but I got excited that I got my colours back :D. Pretty decent for just using my finger on a small iPhone screen.

        That's the one!!!

        I meant to apologise for forgetting to take a screen shot. Glad to see you took one.

    Ok, so next time I get beyonce or Titanic, I'm just going to draw a link to this page.

    impossible using fingers.

    100% Galaxy Note. That Beyonce one is BS.

    All the good ones have to have been done on an ipad and with some form of touch pen...
    Finger? yeah right...

    I find it interesting how these people could have drawn these in MS Paint for hours in front of a computer... but they only found the motivation for it when Draw Something threw up the word to them.

    Mine are that good. iPad + stylus + minimal artistic skill

      Where do you get a stylus from that works on a capacitive touch screen?

          Holy crap, that is so cheap!

          I claim BS.
          I can draw this On a computer with a wacom.
          On my phone, I can barely draw a stick figure. =/

    iPad Maybe... Iphone.. no way in hell.

    Yeah they're really pretty etc etc but imagine having to sit there and wait for them to finish their masterpieces every time. You'd wanna be a good guess asap otherwise how boring

    It's not that it's hard to draw well on a small screen or with your finger - apps like Brushes and Sketchbook Pro are great for drawing up a masterpiece and I've been doing it for years now.

    The problem I find is that it's so difficult to draw in Draw Something. The engine it uses it no good, compare it to Brushes for a second and you'll see just how easy it can be. There's also no undo button which can really make things hard when you need to repaint a portion, if not the whole drawing because of 1 silly mistake.

    Draw Something could be a lot more fun and easier than it currently is.

    Hey guys this isn't THAT crazy. I mean these people are most likely amazing and experienced artists. And when you look at the technique they used they just manipulated lighter colors and used them to shine the picture

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