You Won't Believe How This Stunning Tech Demo Was Made

Artist Tor Frick is the sole man responsible for the Unreal Engine tech demo you see above. If you just watch it, it looks lovely, but also looks like nothing out of the ordinary.

It's only when you find out he made it using a single 256x512 texture that you go "wow".

For reference, in most games an environment like the one in the video would be comprised of dozens, if not hundreds of textures. Yet by using just one, and selectively applying it to go with fancy lighting effects, he can dress an entire science lab in it.

Amazing One-Texture Environment [UDK]


    When people complain about the PS3 only having 256mb of Texture Memory, they need to understand that professional video game developers are used to doing things like the video above.

      RIDGE RACER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Sure but you'd be surprised how fast 256mb of memory can get chewed up. Even when dealing with non graphical things like pathfinding you can eat up plenty of memory.

        Yes, but why would you store pathfinding in the texture memory?

          This can only view the demo at the 256-512md rate, if they were going to go full game on it, then it'll require much more memory. And for the record, there's some difference between how developers use the hardware in consoles where it's limited, but PC's are much better. And Mac's don't count as a powerhouse since they are too as limited as the consoles.

    I love you Luke.

    I'm surprised at how the creator got each modular piece looking unique, while still using the same tileable texture. You can see where much of the texture is repeated for different module pieces and props, but the smart design really hides it and makes the repeated elements look natural.

      He did do a pretty awesome job of that although saying he used one texture total is a bit misleading . Unless those textures on those displays where some how part of the 256x512 tile as well as a few other details on the medical equipment were all part of it.
      If that's the case and I'm wrong then wow that's pretty crazy.

        Welp i was wrong,
        wow just wow

          That's 2 textures. 1st is the diffuse and masks, the 2nd one is normals. If he didn't have the decals and video masks, he could have packed it all into a single texture. Still very impressive regardless.

          Holy crap... I was thinking a similar thing when I saw those HUD-style displays, but once you see how it's done... well, it's even more impressive!

    If you're interested in this stuff, it's worth running through Snefer/Tor's thread on Polycount. It's pretty inspiring.

    Soooo, he basically created something that in any other reality would've taken half a dozen contributing artists... and he did it with the artistic equivalent of being blindfolded and using his mouth to draw.

    ...What have I DONE with my life?

    I was wondering about the decals as well until I saw hello.jpg's post. Very clever using the channels and alpha as separate images.

    Isn't this a similar idea to the Megatextures used in Rage?

      Well... this seems to work, where as Rage did not.

        This isn't a full release game either. Tech demos tend to impress more than games build on the same technology

          For the record this has absolutely nothing to do with MegaTexture. In fact this is as far removed from MegaTexture as you can get. Look here and here for a description of how this works.

    Reminds me of a tech demo I saw in 2007 by Farbrausch, where procedural textures and other bat-shit math were used to create this sequence, with the entire file (including textures, scripting, music, everything) coming to only 177kb in size. 177KB!
    (this is a recorded vid, but the original exe is still available to download in the description)

    It's a bit old, but still holds up to today's standards considering!

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