You'll Be Able To Play Baldur's Gate On Your iPad Soon

PC role-playing game Baldur's Gate will soon be living in a post-PC world. The beloved classic will be out for iPad this (northern) summer, developer Overhaul Games said today.

It will also feature new content (!) and a new party member (!!!).

Overhaul writes in a press release:

Running on an upgraded and improved version of the Infinity Engine, Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition™ will include the entire Baldur's Gate adventure, the Tales of the Sword Coast expansion pack, and never before seen content including a new adventure and new party member.

Miniature giant space tablets!


    Shut and take money, too bad I dont do Apple products. I suppose it won't be too hard to get BG and BG2:supper to work on the Windows 8 tablets coming out in the future.

      Ah the hipster of the 2010's.

        So hipsters *don't* use Apple products now? Man, I am way behind the times here...

      Hey, someone else who doesn't do Apple. I'm not alone! All hail Android!

    And by supper I meant SA(Shadows of Amn), stupid autocorrect

      Yay, and if they sell well BG: Lunch time and BG2: Supper we might even have a chance to see BG3: Time to go to bed :p

    Awesome and surprising that a bunch of classic older games haven't been released again on tablets.

    Am I to understand that this remake of a beloved PC game, will not be available on PC? *collapses into rage induced coma*

      I would help you but I'm currently suffering from rage induced vertigo.

      Not really. There was an article floating around here recently about how the are updating and re-releasing BG1 and 2 on the PC. The graphics will be improved and it will play nice with Win7 (and I assume Win8).
      It will be interesting to see if those also include new characters and content.

        *gets up and looks around groggily*
        If you're referring to this: there's nothing there that explicitly states anything about the PC or Windows 7. Like me I think they simply assumed it was a given it would be released on PC and tagged it under "PC".
        *collapses back into coma*

          Oh dear. I too assumed PC.

            PC nerd crisis averted, see mailed's comment below.

    Badly Want.

    Damn it! I don't want an iPad. Don't give me reasons like this to get one!
    Seriously this may be the one thing that would see me rush out and buy an iPad.
    Well there are a lot of reasons but this may well be the tipping point.

      You could think of it as a $550 collectors edition, that also comes with a tablet?
      I used to be pretty anti-ipad, but as a media consumption device, they are pretty awesome. Apparently the creation side is getting better too, but I don't buy it.

        No its actually not bad creation wise. Ive heard people writing and drawing on it, editing movies and pictures - etc2. still not up to par - but for something that can do what it can already do - its pretty good.

        @labrys: think long and hard. an ipad purchase should be a well thought out purchase. you have to clothe it, take care of it, feed it apps, and give it some good tlc. ....

    Neat I hope the save will be in a cloud service so I can keep playing when I'm on long trips and can't access my PC.

    GemRB on android lefts you play most if not all infinity engine games, installed and setup planescape: torment last night (be warned it took me a few hours to get it work, instructions are fairly vague) but on the upside i can now play infinity engine games on my galaxy 10.1 :D

      Sorry forgot the link:

    Needs an Android release...

      Sure it's a large market, but isn't it fragmented?

    Was going to ask about Android, but if it's available already..

    Will this work on any Ipad? still rocking a 1st generation myself, don't really know why people are asking about android unless you have a xoom or something it will be a pain in the ass to play.

    Still is a must have game even if it is beyond your generation definitely play this game.

    For people in the above comments wondering whether this will work on any iPad and whether it's an iPad exclusive, this is from Trent Oster's twitter:
    "iOS is not the only platform for #bgee #baldursgate So far we've committed to PC and #iPad 1,2 and 3"

      Whew. Thank you for that confirmation!

        Weird that there was never really an official word about it in press releases etc. I guess they just assumed that we'd assume it was a PC release, like the original.

    Hopefully the loading time is better. BG II loading time was pretty bad

    Thank f$%k its also for PC... Hopefully 'new content' doesnt mean just adding Tales of the Sword Coast

      Wow, are you that busy that you didn't read this?

      will include the entire Baldur’s Gate adventure, the Tales of the Sword Coast expansion pack, and never before seen content including a new adventure and new party member.

    mother of god, the amount of DISSAPOINT IS TOO F#$%ING HIGH!!!!

      Either you didn't read the rest of the comments, or you're simply a killjoy.

    All I have is a Kindle Fire that I recieved for christmas... Something tells me I shouldn't hold my breath...

    I think I'd rather play it "old-school" and actually use a mouse, regardless. My meaty hands cover up a lot more screen real-estate than a tiny mouse-pointer does.

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