Your First Look At Dishonored In Motion

It's been quite a while since we've heard anything from Arkane Studios' steampunk/sci-fi/assassin game Dishonored. Actual footage in this video is, unfortunately, pretty sparse but at least the scenery's pretty. Just imagine all the running, super powers and shooting. There. Now aren't you excited?

If that didn't work then perhaps the interview with co-creative directors Raphael Colantonio and Harvey Smith will. The pair reveal quite a lot of information in this video, some new, some old — all of it intriguing. Eavesdroppping on conversations can change your missions? You can clear 60m by sprinting, jumping, then teleporting in mid air? Yes please.

No word on a release date yet, but cross your fingers for 2012. I am right now. It makes typing very difficult.

First Dishonored Footage: Shows Very Little, Still Exciting [Gamestop via Rock, Paper Shotgun]


    Bioshock Infinite vs Dishonoured for GOTY, by the looks of things.

      It looks like Bioshock + Half Life + Assassins Creed (they talk about vertical climbing etc) = Awesome new IP :-)

    Absolutely keep an eye on this. Looks stunning.

    Read the gaminformer of this. Wanna keep a eye on it.

    Seems like this is what Molyneux wanted fable to be. I have so much faith in this game, Dark Messiah to this day has the best combat system of any single player fantasy to date.

    This looks pretty cool, I'm just curious about the 'possession' business.

    So when I possess a rat or a guard, my 'body' doesn't remain behind? The entire 'physical form of the player' also goes into the possessed?...
    I mean, I can see where some fun could be had from that, but I'm still going to be thinking "How does this make any amount of sense at all?" the entire time I'm doing it :-P

    Oh well. 'because fun', right?

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