Your First Look At Halo 4

Last week at Microsoft's Spring Showcase, I and a whole bunch of other reporters got our first look at this fall's Halo 4. The fourth proper entry in the franchise (not counting ODST and Reach) will be released this fall, and will feature longtime series star Master Chief in an all-new adventure.

Halo 4 will be the first Halo game not made by Bungie, who created the series 10 years ago. Instead, the game is being created by 343 Industries. At the event, 343's Frank O'Connor and Kiki Wolfkill showed us the above video, and shared some information about the coming game. Vague information, but information nonetheless.

The first thing they showed us was Master Chief himself, whose armour has been slightly redesigned for the new game. (If you recall, the armour he was wearing in the game's E3 debut last year wasn't his final, official look.) We'd already seen an action figure depicting Chief's new look, and this screenshot confirms his lighter, more flexible new armour.

The video above is mostly a bunch of the Halo 4 team talking about (surprise!) how totally awesome they think Halo is, but you can get a sense of the multiplayer from watching it. It sounds as though multiplayer will be tied more to the fiction this time around, with a story-based reason explaining why so many spartans are duking it out all over the galaxy.

The maps won't be lifted from the campaign but rather have been created specifically to allow for balanced gameplay. When asked about balancing the multiplayer for MLG pro-gaming, O'Connor said that they are taking MLG seriously, but didn't go into detail as to what exactly that meant.

In multiplayer, characters will control Spartan 4s, which are a new type of Spartan super-soldier; there will be a wealth of customisation options for your Spartan. Some of those options will be cosmetic, but some will be functional.

As for the solo campaign, O'Connor and Wolfkill remained tight-lipped. O'connor did say that this is going to be "a more personal sory," but that he "wouldn't expect Master Chief to start chatting people up or anything." They repeated several times that they have ripped everything apart and all of the game's features had been either rebuilt from the ground up or massively overhauled.

There will be new sound effects, some of which we got to hear as Wolfkill walked around an empty multiplayer level — the guns sounded punchy and clear, and her Spartan's footsteps were loud and metallic. Longtime Halo composer Marty O'Donnell isn't on the game, and they said that there will be more information about the composer soon.

They also hinted at some sort of coming announcement that will be a "crossing of the rubicon" for the Halo series. While hype is hype and blind items are blind, it did sound as though they are convinced that some aspect of Halo 4 will be seen as a large change to the core of the series.

This game, O'Connor said, would "define the next 10 years of Halo." Sounds ambitious. We'll have more information on Halo 4 as it slowly…trickles…out… leading up to release of the game this fall.

Good to see ya chief still finishing that good fight; dig the kicky duds


    I'm becoming quite excited about this. I think this could do quite well.

    Looks slick. The detail on the revised battle-suit is impressive. Nice detail..

      it's actually a modified version of the halo reach engine. it's like what you get with halo 3 and odst (halo 3 engine modded). Bungie did it once. hopfully 343 would invest millions into graphics engines

      the assualt rifle looks like a FAMAS. Hopefully it good as the battle rifle/DMR and the original rifle combined.

    i must be one of the very few people to have never really gotten into halo.

    admitedly i've only played Halo 2 on PC (which was ok but i just couldn't get into it) and ODST which i really didn't enjoy in the slightest.

    I am quite keen on giving Halo 4 a go though.

      I can see why you didn't get into it, I thought 2 was ok but ODST is my least favorite of the series. If your interested maybe rent the 10th anniversary edition of the original game. Some of the game play mechanics may be a little dated but in my opinion it's still the most fun the series has given me.

    What the fuck happend to Jun from reach?!!!!!!!!

      Look for Fist full of Arrows, it's not canon, but it's as close as you can get, and is awesome as well.

    halo campaign game mode is always underwhelming, bit of multiplayer every now and then is fun though. glad BR is back.

    BR is back! YAY!!!!

    Really happy the BR is back, hopefully it's more based around the halo 1 and 3 model. I stopped enjoying halo when reach was released, jet packs and that jazz was a major buzz kill for me. True halo fan enjoy the original halo experience. However from that video the progress looks great, very excited for this!

    Halo Wars was the first Halo game not made by Bungie. Halo 4 is the first Halo FPS not made by Bungie.

    Also I'm excited for 343 and this game is looking the goods in every way.

    I'm interested in how they're going to mangle the storyline to fit in Spartan IVs and multiplayer.

    I thought Halsey went up in flames when they used her research to create the Spartan 3 project?

      Also, the new armour looks like it refracts bullets into the non-armored sections of his suit, rather then away from vital areas like the vanilla mkVI variant.

      Minor nerd-rage. Sorry, sorry, sorry...

      Nah, Halsey is trapped on a shield world with a few SPARTAN II's CPO Mendez and 3 squads of 3's, considering what those sheiks worlds were designed for, she should be fine

        Glasslands (latest novel) details some of this stuff.


        Halsey gets arrested by ONI upon the shield world's return to realspace. Parangosky (ONI Chief) reveals to her the existence of Spartan IVs, but does not detail the project. The surviving Spartan II and III soldiers are offered the job of training these new soldiers, who are all volunteers (unlike the conscripts that made up the II and III projects).
        Also, a bunch of other stuff happens.

        *END SPOILERS*

    I wish Microsoft would support PC Gaming....I mean, it's their operating system...they could atleast release their major titles on it such as Halo and GoW..

    Hopefully they take their multiplayer cues from pre-Reach.
    I wan't my warthog rampage back!!

    Reach multi never quite brought the same amount of fun for me that 3 did so it will be interesting to see if 4 can bring it back...

    Wait are the Spartan IV's in the campaign?
    Will the Chief get to show them up as being the oldest and most experienced Spartan?
    I hope so. id love to see them try and out do the Chief.......and fail :)

    I personally think there's no point to the spartan 4 plan bc the original plan with the spartan 2 and 3s was to take children and disign them into killing machines and enhance them from child hood, the spartan 3 was the best way to get recruits but the worst training, for spartan 4s they should have allowed anyone to sign up from the ages 3 to 5 and done all the enhancements and augmentations from the spartan 2s, also they could have multiple programs at a time if they allowed the remaining spartan 2s and 3s to each be the head of one program like Kurt did in the book Ghosts of onyx

    And like totally wreak havoc on all the remaining prophets with the elites and then get all the engineers back to repair and create more warships to better explore the rest of the galaxy, and who knows with the humans and convinent working together they could grow farther past the forerunners technology and since the humans were bombed back to the stone age as said in the GI released this month they could finally get revenge at the forerunners for what they did to the human race

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