YouTube Users Are Mostly Hating Mass Effect 3's Gay Male Sex Scene

You can role-play as a gay man in next week's Mass Effect 3. Why? because the game's creators believe in giving their players a choice of who they want to be.

Gaming site CVG got a copy of the love scene between a male Commander Shepard and a male lover. They posted it to YouTube where... it's being spammed with dislikes. 1320 dislikes to 292 likes at this count.

We haven't played enough of the game to see the scene ourselves, but it looks legit. Still, what's so bad about it? YouTube users, you're trashing it for the acting, right?

Mass Effect 3 - Shepard Gay Sex Scene [YouTube, via Twitter]


    I'm offended by the hamfisted dialogue...

      They were doing WHAT with a ham?

        I think a better question is, they were fisting WHAT?

    Yet another reason for YouTube to remove the comment function from all their videos.

    Seriously, youtube comments are worse than posts on 4chan.

      id argue that same logic for any website that allows comments.

    Pfft, no surprise. I never read youtube comments, as I tend to avoid voluntarily raising my blood-pressure.

    It's quite obvious 1320 people are repressed homosexuals.

      This argument is so silly. apparently anyone who doesn't like homosexuals is actual a homosexual. all of the drama in the world about gays is really just a bunch of gays versus other gays? laughable

        Then how come nearly every bible bashing homophobic politician in the US has been caught with a rent-boy, huh? See a pattern working here?
        I wouldn't say EVERY homophobe is a self-hating closet queer, but I'd damn well put money on a good proportion of them being that way.

    So... heterosexuals are supposed to approve of implied gay sex scenes? Give me a break. If you're gay; enjoy! Otherwise dont expect people to just love it to death. Its got nothing to do with objection or homophobia like heaps of people have said on youtube; its got everything to do with not particularly liking gay love making.

      Ha, so true.

        I don't really have any intention of ever watching it, doesn't really mean I need to give it a thumbs down just cause I don't... "enjoy?" the whats going on onscreen.

        Of course they could just be complaining about the dialogue, it's not like the writing for the romantic subplots in Bioware games have ever really been A grade material (or B or C grade for that matter).

          Exactly this. If it doesn't really interest you, but you're ok with it existing then why hit *thumbs down*? Just acknowledge it & walk on by.

          The people who gave it the thumbs down are likely closet homosexuals, hated-filled cockbags or just plain ignorant. It's unlikely they're lamenting the dialogue.

            I can say with a great deal of certainty that I'm not a closet homosexual. However, I just may be a hate filled cockbag. Hahahaha

      So... gays boo and hiss at the screen of every straight sex scene in movies? Uh huh.

      No one's saying that straight people (or, more correctly, straight men (since quite a few straight women enjoy dude-on-dude)) need to approve of it or like it.

      Just the amount of negativity being directed towards it seems a touch suspicious.

      I mean, let's look at two attitudes:

      1) "Its not my thing, and my male-Shep shall not partake of this romance."

      2) "EEEEWWWW!!! I'm OFFENDED by the mere EXISTENCE of the OPTION for my male-Shep to do this!!! Downvote!!!"

      The first one is totally fair, understandable, and polite and diplomatic. After all, no one's saying you have to LIKE dude-on-dude.

      The second attitude seems to be a hell of a lot more prevalent though. And whilst I wouldn't go so far as to the second attitude is INHERENTLY intolerant, it certainly seems unreasonably disproportionate in its dislike.

    YouTube viewers hate the gayz? THIS IS AN OUTRAGE!!1

    It could be worse they could end up chained together in bed with shepherd having a TV remote lodged up he's crevice about to order Mr. Magorium's Wunderbar Emporium.

    10% pf the population..... and that would also be the case for characters in the Video game world. What's the big deal? Bring it on. Why shouldn't it be a problem?

    It looked as hilarious as any other Mass Effect sex scene.

    Its worth remembering that many Youtube posts are from people to who "Gay Fag Homo Poof" is the pinnacle of champagne comedy. Also many are probably in high school. I havent been in school in 12 years, but I remember that any acceptance of homosexuality was an invitation for gay jokes directed at you for the rest of the year. I doubt much has changed.

    It's as awkward as any other hamfisted BioWare romance scene.

    It's not like your romances mattered anyway.

    Only 3 of them are actually referenced in your end sequence, HOPE YOU PICKED ONE OF THEM, GUIZ.

    meh... the possibility that everyone's missing is Fem Shepard lesbian scenes - yeah!

    Given how much time he's obviously been spending at the gym, this comes as no surprise.

    But seriously, why are people upset? A lot of people like the cock, and some of them have a Y chromosome. Big deal.l

    Eh, probably just another one of those uptight religious networks found the video, and started telling folks to vote it down. I can't imagine its actually garnering attention for many other reasons.

    Romance dialogue in Bioware games has been in a downward spiral since KOTOR.
    Some of the romance options in BG2 were endearing and in KOTOR I was quite fond of Bastilla by the end. They certainly didn't detract from those games.
    In Dragon Age and Mass Effect it's been pretty dire though.

    To an extent it makes sense that quite a few people would dislike this since, well, dude-on-dude is not everyone's taste.

    But the amount of vitriol being directed towards it seems... erm... suspicious.

    I mean, if you don't LIKE dude-on-dude, no one's forcing you to have it!

    I guess one of the reasons for the extremely pronounced dislike might be that "typical" male heterosexuality seems to mandate that those males identifying as heterosexual are socially obligated to repeatedly demonstrate distaste for male homosexual sex. I wouldn't call this homophobia per se; one does not need to LIKE dude-on-dude to tolerate gay people... but I don't think this kind of "must aggressively prove my straightness" attitude is either 1) rational, or 2) conducive to politeness.

    That said... I've made this point before; why are people so angry about completely optional content? No one's man-Shep HAS to have gay sex. If dude-on-dude isn't your thing, don't have it. Don't be so butthurt over it (pun intended).

    "In breaking news, someone on the internet is MEAN!"
    There are always going to be the vocal minority of baiters, trolls and haters, however I'm glad this isnt another one of those moral crusade posts, those annoy me more than intolerant behavior.
    not everyone is going to get along...

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