Zangief Looks A Little Meaner With His Shirt On

Serbian artist Filip Acovic decides to redesign Soviet brawler Zangief, beating him up a little and covering up that glorious thatch of welcome mat all over his chest.

Street Fighter II Redesign - Zangief [DeviantArt, via XombieDIRGE]


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      Oh you're such a comedian.

        He is repetitive and dull...but then again, he's putting in more effort than Luke does at his job.

      Fuck your incessant hatred. This pic is the bomb, and your stupid, repetitive comments will accomplish nothing.

        I'm fairly certain this guy is a troll imitating all the people who incessantly complain about Plunkett/Bashcraft articles. . .

    Pretty damn cool pic! Ta Luke!!!

    I dont hate you Luke :)

    he looks like a white Mr T. I pity da fool who make soviet russia jokes

    Journalism at its finest.

    I can see where all this hate comes from now..

    anybody watch this weeks ep of south park?
    i want luke to do what the salesman did, but then again, he doesnt have the balls to do it

    Looks like Bill Murray on steroids

    Makes him look less like Zangief and more like a wannabe Hell's Angel who got the crap beat out of him.

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