Zone Of The Enders HD Coming Late 2012

Last we heard, Konami's HD re-releases of the two Zone of the Enders games were coming out in "early-to-mid-2012". Nope. They're now coming later this year.


    this is relevant to my interests

    Dammit :( Was looking forward to getting this in May - that is, if Zavvi's source was reliable. Once again a HD collection is delayed for unknown reasons (Silent Hill HD, local release for MGS which should've been months ago)

    I can patiently wait for this one, just as long as I know that it's coming out THIS YEAR, I'll remain calm.


    Once again Konami delays yet another game they announced last year. This is really non-news given their history of not wanting people's money.

      Just my 2c, I would rather have a delayed bug free game than a rush buggy game.

        Just my 2c, I would rather have developers that don't delay EVERY game they announce for months on end.

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