Zynga Buys Out Draw Something Developer

Zynga Buys Out Draw Something Developer

The social gaming giant behind games like Farmville, Castleville, and Mafia Wars has splashed out $US210 million to buy out OMGPOP, the developer of the Draw Something app.

OMGPOP’s Draw Something, a Pictionary-esque social game, has been a breakout success that is reportedly earning the company $US250,000 a day. The Wall Street Journal has reported that Zynga paid $180 million for the 40-person studio plus an additional $30 million on employee retention payments.

The acquisition of OMGPOP means that Zynga also gets all of OMGPOP’s 35 social games.

OMGPOP CEO Dan Porter said that Draw Something will stay true to players and not change under Zynga.

“Zynga offered us a chance to focus on Draw Something — they know the power of the game and they planned with us how to let it keep rolling in the same fun, irreverent, social way that it has been,” Porter said.

“That was really important to us. The game will stay true to you and what you love, and it’s my solemn vow that the magic of Draw Something will not change.”

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  • Perhaps they can fix my disappearing colour problem 😛

    Or maybe they’ll mess with it and put their ads everywhere even in my paid ‘ad-free’ version 🙁

  • I’m guessing that ripping the game off like they did with Tiny Tower might not have been an option this time?

    So they just bought them instead.

    Does this mean that I should give up on a Windows Phone version?

    • Play me! 😀 (Becaroonie) Most of my friends stopped playing, too. Now I only have 3 games going… and 1 of those is my mum… Er. I really wish my colours would stop disappearing, though… Does anyone know how to quick-fix that?

      • There’s no quick fix and it’s super annoying. You can try to delete and re-install the application but they just released a update on iTunes. I just downloaded it earlier today and noticed my colours were back so maybe this fixed the problem 😀

        If people need someone to play with then they can also add me, I’m “Greenius” on there as well.

        • Yay, it worked! I started a game with you too, haha.

          Anyone else can feel free to add me, too… I love playing this stupid game when I should be working.

      • Someone told me that they only have the problem when they are using 3G and that they get their colours back when connecting over wifi. I tested that theory and it seems to be true! I hope that helps!

        • Just connected to Wi-Fi and it seems to have given me back my colours 🙂

          I’m calling it a coincidence though since I’ve always had colours for the fist week or so when I started playing, even though I only used 3G.

  • $210,000,000 / $250,000 per day = 840 days = less than 3 years… Kinda seems like a pretty small amount. Though I guess that figure’s gotta slow down at some point.

    Hopefully they don’t fuck it up. It’s a fine game. I don’t need any more coins or potential rewards. It’s fun. Just give me more words.

  • all these kind of games go viral, and slowly die down.
    before draw something everyone used to play words with friends, then it was hanging with friends (found chess with friends didnt really work)
    but i dont and neither do i have 1 friend that still plays those

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