A Controversial Arcade Classic Gets Its Own Documentary

A Controversial Arcade Classic Gets Its Own Documentary

Arcade classic Dragon’s Lair has its share of critics, but because it was so beautiful for the time, it’s also got its share of fans. Enough for there to be a market for a very slick documentary.

Inside the Dragon’s Lair is an upcoming documentary being put together by Sleepyeyed Films, who are looking to “give the audience an in-depth view of the extensive production process that created this revolutionary game”.

I’ve touched on Dragon’s Lair previously here on Total Recall, but you know, video is prettier than words, right?

Inside the Dragon’s Lair [Facebook]


  • Wait, what? Dragons lair was controversial? What in the hell for? I didn’t think the ‘No True Game’ fallacy was around back then

    • being a reposted, unlocalised US article, it could have been caught up in the anti dungeons and dragons moral panic in the US, and was “controversial” that way.

  • Controversy around it being an addictive coin-hog, I guess. Most people who played it would have had to have fed quarter after quarter into it to get anywhere.

    But yes, love all the Bluth games, really fantastic innovation for their time.

    • Can’t say I ever heard it causing a coin shortage lie that game that was about those invaders that came from space…

      I definitely second the love for the Bluth games, even if they were essentially the earliest iteration of Quicktime Event: The Game, they were still fantastic fun. With any luck since they’re remaking Dragons Lair for modern consoles, they might also do Space Ace

  • I vaguely remember some controversy regarding the death animations and how they were so much more graphic than anything else at the time… Gee I’m glad no one’s ever re-used that line…

  • To be honest I dont remember it being controversial. I just remember it being shit. I remember the local AMF bowling centre having this game briefly in 89, along with the arcade original version of Punch-Out! Guess which machine consumed most of my money?

  • Interestingly enough, I just wrote an article on my time with Dragons Lair over the years over at NerdGasm
    Im very interested in watching the doco, just for the nostalgia value.
    If anyone is interested on my own take on it, you can read the blog at

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