A Hearty Skyrim Style Meal For The Hungriest Dovahkiin

I never eat food, or even bother picking up food while playing Skyrim, but S Galinsky does — he loves Skyrim food so much that he's actually done his level best to recreate the foodstuffs you encounter in Skyrim into a hearty all-round meal. Should have just brewed a potion...

But man, some of this looks quite delicious. The soup especially. Man, I'm starving.

Thanks S Galinsky for sending it in!


    Let me guess... someone stole your sweetroll?

    Oh, man. Haven't been able to eat solids since I gots my wisdom teeth out. That looks mighty appealing, damn it. Even just the bread. *sobs*

      Got mine out the friday before anzac day.

      I feel your pain.

        Thursday for me, man. Still looking like the elephant man. :P

      I got mine out with no local so I was awake the whole time while they drilled, chipped and then pulled at it until it ripped out.

        I'm sure glad we don't live in the wild west where all you get is a bottle of whiskey to numb the pain. :D

          when i got mine out it was a local, couple needles in the gums. the dentist used what i would best describe as a screw driver and a pair of vice grips...

            Same situation /o/ repeated it twice (actually meant no general because I type bad)

              I just stared up at the light, pretended I was abducted by aliens. Can't show human weakness. The sounds and pressure was not good, though. Haunts my dreams. :P

        You sure you don't mean they did use a local but they used "no general"? "No local" would mean you could feel every single thing they did as they used no anaesthetic at all!

          sorry I meant general. I should not post while sick.

    So I see sweet rolls!?

      *Do..I SEE SWEET ROLLS!?

    What a waste having his surround speakers on top of his mains, better of not having them at all.

      P.S. what a well trained cat, I reckon he's thinking about it though.

        We gave her some rabbit after we had finished… she was stoked

      Actually they're sitting on a couple of cabinets, I only brought the bookshelf speakers when I moved down here.

    Dinner for one. Thanks a lot, Skyrim.

    It's not a meal without a giant's toe.

      and some mammoth cheese

    This is brilliant .. ! ♥

    can anybody tell /find what exactly is on the plates? what's in the soup, what kind of meat? the pic is too small for me to determine visually..

      Rabbit for the meat, apple cabbage soup, bleu cheese, grilled leek, sweet roll, boiled cream treat, baked potato,

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