A Kid's Cardboard Arcade Is The Most Beautiful Thing You'll See Today

Caine is nine. And like all the best nine year-olds in the world, Caine is obsessed with video games. In Caine's case, it's arcade games, and he's so obsessed he built himself a giant cardboard arcade. This is the story of Caine's arcade. If you've had a shitty day, or just need something to make you smile, please, watch this.

Caine's Arcade [Site, thanks spam_musubi!]


    That was awesome, man. Thanks for the video link.

    Shared. This is awesome. It's amazing what the internet collaborative is capable of.

    Thanks for posting this. Awesome.

    This was great !

    This kid is going places. Awesome Vid!

    That kid's gonna be a millionaire one day! Absolute gold! Love it!

    That was one of the most heart warming and best thing I have seen in a long time!

    This kid is brilliant!

    I will not lie, tears were shed. The kid is a genius, and peoples generosity, hell, just having a couple tune up would have made his day. But all that? Posters and everything? I'm just speechless.

      It's Friday afternoon, my work is boring at the moment, I really don't want to be here.

      That movie just made me like the fact that I'm alive. Not in a depressive way, but you know the "Friday Afternoon" feeling you get where everything is just...meh?

      No more meh.

      And yes, I shed a tear or two. *sniff*

    Wow best story I have seen in a while.
    Wish more kids were creative like Cane, I used to play with everything I could find boxes, leggo, pots & pans, timber, bricks etc now everything has to be store bought.

    It's amazing what kids will do when gently encouraged instead of being told to stop it or having their dream hijacked by an parent living vicariously. Go Caine.

    Redemption games still suck though.

    Beautiful. I'm a cynical bastard at heart, but that moved me.

    Wow! Amazing what one kid with a passion can achieve. And amazing what the internet can do to keep that spark alive in us all when given a chance.
    Thanks, I needed cheering up after a crappy day at work.

    Absolutely delightful.

    I'm glad I'm not the only one that welled up. Very very cool doc.

    amazing, just amazing

    Haha what a savvy kid! Future game designer for sure

    I think you meant, 'something to make you cry.'

    That was amazing, I'm genuinely moved and heart-warmed. Great story, thank you for sharing this.

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