A Little Something Special For The Shadowrun Fans In The Audience

Culled from the video from this morning's Shadowrun Returns Kickstarter post, it's time to put the sins of Shadowrun games past behind us. Watching the executive producer of 2007's horrid first-person shooter a few thousand times should do the trick.

The 2007 game was a cross-platform affair, uniting Xbox 360 and Windows gamers in online combat for the first time, so I don't mind sharing a little PC Gaming Lives time with the console crowd. We all need a little closure.


    Honestly, as a game it wasn't THAT bad. It just shouldn't have had Shadowrun slapped on it. I actually had a lot of fun with the very few MP games I managed to find. The cross platform idea was pretty good, and was back in GFWL's infancy, before they'd realised it wasn't such a good idea.

    I don't feel the urge to throw stuff at him, rather I'd like to see a game in response that's totally worth it.

    "Watching the executive producer of 2007′s horrid first-person shooter a few thousand times should do the trick" i just cant get my drunk doggy mind around this sentence. WTF is it meant to say?

      I'm not so sure you're the drunk one here...

    I bought it on launch and loved it, was a really fun MP game, I had never heard of or played a shadowrun game before hand so I had no beef with it at all.

      Same here, i hadn't heard of shadowrun before it either, so that name didn't mean anything to me at the time. The game itself was quite fun when you could actually find a lobby to join. I also put quite a few hours into it with some gaming LAN friends back in the day, so i don't think it was a complete mess.

      I sold my 360 copy, but then got the game off the G4WL marketplace when they had a deal to buy it for 99cents; so in still have it, just can't imagine anyone still plays it though lol.

    shadowrun is probably my favourite multiplayer shooter of all time. was the funnest game

    I actually rather enjoyed playing Shadowrun back in it's hay-day.

    Shadowrun 2007 = One of the best Multiplayer FPS' of all time

    It didn't have a story mode, but it didn't need it. I think the problem was, it was essentially an XBLA title that was marketed at full price

    it was 30AUD on release. and it was probably my favourite game in that year (even beating bioshock) - it was just pure fun. and the ladder animations - the best.

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