A New Ultra-Compact Gaming Laptop Rises

When Alienware recently discontinued its M11x line of compact laptops, many feared the age of the 11-inch gaming machine had come to a close. Origin PC keeps the tiny dream alive with its EON11-S, so small it photographs well next to an Xbox 360 controller.

A full-powered gaming PC in a tiny package, the EON11-S bundles together Intel's 3rd generation mobile processors with NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M graphics into in short and sexy machine more than capable of tackling today's tougher games.

Weighing in at less than four pounds and starting at $US999, it's the sort of gaming laptop I wouldn't mind lugging around. Hell, I'm not even sure it counts as lugging. It actually sounds like the perfect PC for a game journalist, utilising NVIDIA Optimus Technology to extend the battery life to up to 6.5 hours while doing things that don't require heavy graphical power.

My favourite feature, however, is that that garish "I'm a gaming laptop!" plastic can be foregone in favour of a classic flat black design. I'm too old for a laptop that looks like a robot's chest piece.

The EON11-S is now available for purchase at Origin PC's website. Look for a more in-depth look at the system in the near future.


    Us price $999. Aussie price $???

      999 U.S. dollars = 958.733205 Aud.

      need to add $300 to get the Ivy Bridge processor though.

      also lets say $50 postage.

      I built one, total - $1378, or $1322 aud.

      google is your friend

    I didn't know the M11x had been discontinued. That's dissapointing. I have one and it's fantastic. Really well built.

    I hope this Origin one is as good.

      Same, I've got both an R1 and an R2, and it was only a couple weeks ago I was looking at the specs on an R3. I love my M11x. Shame they had to go. :(

    OH so you want to ship to Australia? That will be ONE BILLION DOLLARS

    I'm not sure if other people realise this but you can already buy this exact same model, it's a Clevo W110ER. A quick search online and there are others that resell this exact model with the standard design. Not quite sure why Kotaku AU never looks for AU based retailers... FYI All of them are around $999 AUD.

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