A Real Shooting Range For Call Of Duty Fans

Machine Guns Vegas, a company in... Las Vegas which lets you shoot... machine guns, likes to entice customers with themed package deals. One of those is called the "COD", and lets fans of Activision's Call of Duty series squeeze off rounds from some of the series' most prominent firearms.

For $US170 per person, you get 25 rounds with an M4, 20 rounds with an FN Scar, 25 rounds with an Ak-47, 20 rounds with a Beretta M9 and four targets to shoot at.

The trademark-circling continues with the offering's more premium packages: "Elite" offers you more rounds, while "The Compound" offers even more rounds. There's even a "World @ War" pack that swaps out the weapons for Second World War firearms, the difference between it and Activision's Call of Duty: World at War being that one has an "@" in it and the other doesn't.

COD [MGV, via MCV]


    25 rounds?

    So you $170 will last.. what? 2 minutes, tops?

      30 seconds

        I was including gun change-over times :P

          ..you know.. if you have to walk over to a rack or something...

      Also, does it include screaming "Fag" at the top of your lungs, while others explain what they have done with your mum?

      I was thinking the same thing

      170 bucks and not even a full clip to fire off

        Those things go through bullets DAMN fast.. they aren't TV guns, where a clip lasts half an episode...

      Apparently even that is a lot of fun, if you're into high-powered weapons. A friend had an MP5 and a SPAS shotgun thrown in the mix too. He loved the MP5.

      Automatic assault rifles are banned in the US, so they're all semi-automatic. One pull of the trigger for each shot.

        Not in every state, some states still allow the purchasing of full auto assault rifles and other states you require a special permit to own one. No doubt this place in Vegas has one of these 'Dangerous weapon permits' so yeah, they would be full auto.

        Ofcourse you'd have the option to shoot semi auto and conserve your ammunition but have less fun.

    Incidences of broken eye sockets and dislocated shoulders set to rise drastically as 15 year olds try to "no scope"

    A real shooting range? Not really. If it was a recreation of one of the levels, then yes. Using four guns that appear in the game, and probably all realistic modern day shooters, and calling it COD is a pretty tenuous link at best. Still it reeled in a sucker like Plunkett so I guess they'll make their money off the name. Good work.

    I had so much fun going shooting in Cambodia and with a local gun dealer friend. If you've not gone shooting give it a try. Got to use some .44 black powder revolvers etc last time, sooooo much fun and so very loud.

      DId you know there is a shooting range in Lara, apparently?
      Quite keen to give it a shot.

      No pun intended...

        Yeah man. There are actually a fair few throughout Geelong.

          Thought there was only one up near the botanical gardens? Figured the one on breakwater would be closing/closed because of the new road?

    I will admit i will be firing guns when im in Vegas in July, but i'll be looking for a cheaper deal than that.

    I did the "Coalition Pack" when I was last in Vegas - with the M9, the M4 and the SAW. Great fun. The lines can get long, and you do chew through the bullets, but it is a unique experience.

    Hmmm... I can
    A.) Spend $170 and fire 4 guns lets say 1 bullet at a time making a total of maybe 15 mins.... or
    B.) Go to a casino an put all my money on black and actually have a chance to double or tripple it...or
    C.) Go to paintball and have 800 pellets to shoot at other people to inflict pain... or
    D.) Go to my local games store and buy 2 games and have hours of fun gameplay to enjoy...
    I'll tell you what I definitely won't be picking option A!!!

    I can imagine a bunch of skinny nerds and teens complaining that the guns are heavier than Xbox controllers, and suffering a lot of broken wrists.

    $170? What a crock of shit. Go to Thailand and go to a shooting range to fire an AK for a few bucks.

    I got to shoot all of those for many, many more rounds plus a lot more guns including a Barrett M82 and M249.

    It's good being friends with Texans.

    I've heard that there's a place in Vietnam where you give a guy $100 and he gives you an RPG, shows you how to use it and leads you to an empty field, bar the cow in the middle of it.

    Not sure if this is a myth, however.

      Myth. RPGs cost more than $100 to fire (let alone a whole cow), are highly illegal, and are considered a terrorism risk.

      The most you'd get to fire is an AK, along with the regular collection of shotguns, pistols etc.

        Perhaps in Western countries. A recent trip to the Congo taught me that for $40 I can buy three cows and a wife, so there could be some truth to it.

    You get to feel like a goober for asking for the COD pack, everyone there will know what influenced you to to come, and you lose the game.

    At the Chu Chi tunnels in Vietnam, I you can choose M16, Ak47, M60, 30 cal heavy MG cheap. If you are REALLY keen you can go up to the DMZ and walk around anywhere and play "let's see if I can walk across this field and MOT stand on a landmine".....

    NOT >.<

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