A Reminder Of Just How Cool The PS Vita Can Be

So PS Vita sales are nosediving. And Sony must be worried, because these are dark times for the Vita. Dark times.

But just as everyone is forgetting what an impressive piece of hardware the Vita is, Sony released the PlayStation Developer Suite to allow developers to create apps for the Vita and other PlayStation certified devices.

Here is a Suite-created physics demo, and wow, it looks quite nice.

PlayStation Suite SDKで三次元剛体シミュレーションもどきで遊ぶ [終わコン]


    Looks like a ball in a room to me.. Kinda boring..

    Hey sony less balls in rooms and more price drops, pronto.
    I mean the cost of a vita,memory card,headphones and a couple of games is $500, way to much for a handheld or impulse buy.

      Yeah exactly, I have the same feeling about price for my PS3, I had to buy a couch, a tv, a speaker set, 50 games and a bag of chips, all up exceeding $8000. Completely outrageous.

    Im buying one today. that looks so much fun rolling a ball around a room...incredible! who woulda thought

    It's great to see that the SDK is being released and independent development of games and apps is happening.

    Where's the 3DS SDK again?

    ZOMFG!!!!!!!!!!! Why didn't someone tell me the Vita could do this! I must have one now!

    Yeah, ball rolling around a room. Whatever.... but then the torus appeared!!
    I lost my shit!

    Sweet lighting and surfaces. Oodles of potential on the Vita, so little delivered...

    Mind = Blown


    itt nobody reads that you can make your own vita games

    Where are all the Sony fanboys now????

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