A Ridiculously Over-The-Top Skyrim Music Video

Some people may think this Skyrim music video is "epic". Others will think it looks like something you'd see as an intro to a song on Eurovision.

Whichever side of that dragon-sized divide you fall, you've got to admire the work that went into this performance of the blockbuster RPG's main theme.

If the violinist looks familiar, that's because it's Lindsey Sterling, who we've featured here before as a rather spritely Link from Zelda.


    Whats so over the top about it? What, they put a bit of effort in, and did a REALLY nice vidoe clip to go with the song, so there going over the top?? Wow... I think you need to re-think your idea of over the top.

      Nah, that's just Luke's sensationalism at work

        I hate sensationalism. Its a stupid concept.

          Oh I agree, I mean he could have said about this talented duo's tribute to skyrim . The 'article' is fine, its the topic that's the issue.

      How is that not over the top? I think you need to re-think your idea of a "REALLY nice vidoe [sic] clip".
      Good on them for having a go, but if their intent was to be taken seriously, they missed.

    It gave me chills ... embarrassment chills that is

      Indeed. Eurovision grade for sure.

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