Adult Site Wants To Sponsor Fighting Game Events

Brazzers, a media network that basically does nothing but make internet porn movies, wants to get into the video game scene. But not by making a game. They want to sponsor fighting game players and fighting game events.

Over on the Twitter feed of Brazzer's director of special events, Rob Steele, fighting game fans are going bananas. There is talk of history being made. Most people are posting in ALL CAPS they're so excited. Steele, and his bosses at Brazzers, seem to have struck a rich vein of support.

Brazzers will be launching a dedicated fighting game community (FGC) site later this month, and hopes to sponsor not just players (such as popular community figure LI Joe, who is already on board), but hold their own events as well.

The timing couldn't be more interesting, given it's been only a month since elements of the FGC were accused of sexual harassment against female players, a story that brought out both the best and the worst in the passionate scene.

To be clear, this is so far one man being sponsored by a company that has revealed no concrete plans beyond a desire to get involved in the community. It's not like Brazzers is taking over.

Helping keep things in perspective, and also offering a taste of the obstacles such sponsorship will have to overcome, Tom Cannon, a co-founder of the popular EVO tournament, has said "To be super clear, there will never be a reference to this particular sponsor at Evo, in any way, shape, or form."

The Late Nite Show With LI Joe - Rob Steele from BRAZZERS tonight! [Twitch]


    Sounds like it'll make for...STIFF COMPETITION?!

      Cum on, stop acting like a tit. I'm sure the players breast interests are being catered to here. While fighting games are played hard and fast, Brazzers just want to give them a hand and help ease the tension of performing at such a high level. It almost seems a shame Brazzers won't be exposed at EVO.



        I'm picking up what you're putting down.

          and placing it gently in your pants

    Why don't we have pornographic video games outside Japan..? There's clearly a market for it, and as long as it isn't rape, I'm fairly sure it's legal too.... Although Australia would probably ban everything..

      I'm not sure I'd describe them as games, more as virtual movie makers but the stuff thrixxx make could qualify. Obviously any google searches for the company will be NSFW...

      Because they're distasteful. I don't know where you get this "clearly a market for it" from, but I'd like to think most people wouldn't want this sort of thing. Bioware games typically get you carry on hackneyed romances with companions but most of it is off-screen.

      The second you start catering to fans on the internet, you don't know how low you'd have to go to satisfy every niche. Who'll be saying what's acceptable and what's not? The Japanese ones are creepy enough since all the characters look and act underage and sound like they're being raped by their parents' murderers.

      Well then I'm sure BoneTown and BoneCraft will be right up your alley.

    fighting game characters look like pornstars anyways, so I dont see a problem.

      I suppose theres a difference between seeing Cammy take on Zangief and Ryu and seeing Cammy take ON Zangief and Ryu...

        o_O that image will live with me forever..........fap...............fap fap.......faaaaaaaaa..aa..aap and I'm done

      It's certainly true ladies in games wear either almost nothing, a tight fitting body glove and/or or pose in such a way that the generic evil grunts are wondering why the ladies are doing that while trying to kill said grunts at the same time.

    I believe the top photo is Audrey Bitoni with the long hair, but I don't know who the chick is with the short shoulder length hair in the bottom photo. Pretty hot nonetheless.

    Aletta Ocean not Audrey Bitoni.

    Bad that I know this :P

    Not bad that you know. So the top is Aletta Ocean, so who is the bottom as I am unsure? Any Brazzers fans out there that know?

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