All Signs (And Bows) Point To Crysis 3

It started with a teased announcement last month, blossomed into a vaguely hinty Swedish video game magazine cover, and coalesced into an alleged Google listing for the game on EA's Origin. There's no confirmation, but it's beginning to look a lot like Crysis 3.

The discussion began on NeoGAF (as many do) following a March story from CVG teasing a "spectacular" new game in the works for console and PC from Crytek, with the developer's general manager of games, Nick Button-Brown calling it "the best of that kind of project we've ever done".

Fans, of course, jumped to the natural conclusion: Timesplitters 4.

But alas! Another tease in the form of the cover for the April issue of the Swedish edition of video game magazine Game Reactor contains that trademark hexagonal webbing from Crytek's power-suit shooter franchise.

And then (allegedly) the EA Origin store listings for Crysis 3 showed up in a Google search, with pictures of the box art (seen above), which seems to seal the deal. The listings, however, had the game pegged at $US49.99 for PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3, which seems a bit low all things considered.

Again, this is no confirmation, and I'm not sure how much stock I'd put in the whole box art thing; that looks like any of the grey New York backgrounds from Crysis 2. I wouldn't say Crysis 3 isn't going to be announced soon, just that if that ends up being the actual box art it's pretty damn lazy. Hopefully it's not.

I've reached out to EA and Crytek regarding this alleged game. Until then I'll keep my pointy rumour hat firmly planted.

Update: There goes the rumour hat. EA told the eventual to expect more on Crysis 3 on April 16, adding "The best kept secret in shooters just can't be contained".

Crytek to Announce 'Absolutely Fantastic' New Project [Likely Crysis 3] [NeoGAF via Eurogamer]


    The crysis games and warhead are the only single player FPS's worth playing IMO.

      Defenitly agree... It's a shame Crysis2 wasn't as good geuss they watered it down for consoles

        Yeah - honestly, Crysis 2 must be the clearest example of "dumbing-down" for consoles. It was such a step backwards from the first game. The thing is, I don't even think its due to "console gamers can't handle it" and more "consoles can't handle high fidelity graphics at this scale.

      Are you forgetting about STALKER? and perhaps Metro 2033, though I haven't played more than 10minutes of that one.

      I wish the STALKER guys would just license CryENGINE and modify it slightly to suit their world, that would be the bomb.

      But Crysis was certainly a first class game, I played it years after it's release (literally only played it in the last 6 months) and it still gave me that awesome feeling I got back when I played the very first Unreal game, which was a better feeling than I got from the first Halo (both played on launch).

      Oh and one other shooter has given me an even greater feeling than possibly any other game, Theif, The Dark Project (until they introduced undead).

      Oh and I have remembered another, the Half Life series.

    Hopefully its more like Crysis than part 2

    Crysis 2 was horrible. Damn you consoles! I want my tropical island and KPA back!

    Give person multimillion dollar nanosuit. Arm him with stoneage weaponry.

    I reckon the bow is pretty cool! Hopefully its like a 'Gauss Bow' or something :P

    Reminds me of something I saw on Reddit. 'Good guy EA. Puts all their games on Origin so you aren't tempted to buy them.'
    Bit of a shame really, I liked both the Crysis games, though admittedly didn't enjoy 2 as much as the first.

    Welcome to the 75th Hunger Games..

    If theres a bow you better be able to pin people to walls and stuff

    Am I the only person whose heart skipped a beat when they read TS4?

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