Alternative Mass Effect 3 Launch Trailer Is Better Than The Official One

Alternative Mass Effect 3 Launch Trailer Is Better Than The Official One

BioWare’s Mass Effect 3 launch trailer was great. The high intensity of the final chapter in the sci-fi universe really came through in the slices of action and dramatic moments that were featured.

But this alternative, fan-made trailer using Mass Effect 1 and 3 elements is even better. I love the heavy emphasis on the Reapers, not just through visuals but through speech. Even the music complements it better than the one in the the official trailer.

As someone who has still yet to play Mass Effect 3 (I’m reworking through 2), another launch trailer is welcome. For those of you who have already played the game, perhaps it’s a good post-mortem look, without having to look at the ending.

[Thanks Norman!]


  • if you havent played mass effect 3 yet when shepard gets on the elevator turn your game off youll thank me later

  • That was much more intense than the launch trailer, wow.

    (Also, it’s kinda telling that they used Sovereign’s dialogue from ME, nothing in the later games matched that for its chilling impact or sheer sense of transcending understanding. The Reaper dialogue in ME2/ME3 seemed ham-fisted and silly in comparison)

    • the dialogue with Sovereign was the best conversation of ME1.
      I seriously get creepy shivers due to that voice.

      • It’s really well done – Drew Karpyshyn wrote that scene, and I don’t think they really matched it in the other games.

    • I agree. I was waiting for an ‘interview with a reaper’ in ME3 and was dissapointed by the Rannoch mission. Also – Turret sections are terrible.

    • really the reapers have diverged from ME through to ME3. could have been misleading with that dialogue. i miss the old reapers. far more intimidating

  • i can see why it was cut. some of the scenes where choice based like the liara one or ashley. i do agree though, far more intense

  • Some awesome trailers are on YouTube by Genol3oost. My top 3 of his (not in any order) are: Homecoming, Into the Fray and Transcend. They give me chills and remind me I still love this series.

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