An Idiot In Skyrim

Honestly though — how good is Karl Pilkington, and how good is An Idiot Abroad — head like an orange, etc. This cool Skyrim mod takes advantage of this fact, by placing Karl Pilkington himself in the Skyrim universe. This is actually pretty cool.

The mod actually allows you to ask Karl Pilkington questions like a normal NPC, and has him answer using actually quote from his show and (I'm assuming) the Rick Gervais podcast.

Apparently it's still a work in progress — for the most up-to-date info on the project head here.

Thanks Glynnagen


    I used to dig Ricky Gervais, especially his stand up, it's still funny as all hell. But now it seems like all he does is make funny of people and laugh at them, which in itself is not funny. Obviously Karl is hamming it up for the cameras, but it just seems bad natured to take the piss out of someone in a really conniving way. I think it's probably because he (Ricky) was teased for being a little fat kid at school and now that he's rich he thinks he can just teases other people.

      I love Karl! Can't wait to install this! I can't find the video now, I'll try when I get home. But in it Karl makes a good point Roh, in that if he didn't like it he wouldn't do the podcasts or the shows. He says he isn't a little boy and can (and does) dish stuff back out to Ricky.

        Yea true, if he didn't want to do it he could pull out.

      are you serious? it's all an act, and a hilarious one at that.

        I get that it's an act, but it is a little mean spirited. So was The Office mind you (can we really laugh at office bullies dacking a co-worker?). I still love his work though.

          That's what i mean, it's an act but it's just basically Ricky taking the piss out of someone in a mean spirited, not terribly clever or interesting way. The office could be pretty black at times but at least it had characters and a narrative.

          His stand up is amazing though, i've got all of the dvds and could watch them over and over!

    I love it. The podcasts and An Idiot Abroad are some of the funniest things I've ever seen or heard, all because of Karl.

    They need to get him to do some real voice-work for a game some time. Karl Pilkington and Steve Merchant in Portal 3?

    Karl Dilkington is the best - such a thinker, that one :) Love Monkey News!
    I agree that Ricky takes the piss out of him a bit too much, it gets to a point where he just starts looking like an arse

    Mod of the year.

    Best. Mod. Ever.

    Head. Like. Fucking. Orange.

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