And Now, For Some Awesome Box Art

Yesterday we showed you what will surely be 2012's worst example of box art. So it's only fair that today we cleanse the palette with what could easily be 2012's best.

Far Cry 3, take a bow. Well, not you, WTF head-in-the-sand guy. You just sit there.

Isn't it great? Once you get past WTF head man, check out the detail on the thug. The tropical setting that's initially alluring, until you notice it's on fire and there are dead people hanging from a tree.

All of which sounds like the same standard, too-busy formula most covers employ, but the difference here is you look and then keep looking.

So good.


    Cant wait for this game "Did i ever tell you the definition of insanity?"
    Good characters always help make good games.

      Sorry but that line now makes me want to kill people. I know somebody who quotes that like five times anybody mentions Far Cry, each time accompanied by that slightly feeble minded "uhu huh huh huh" laugh one makes when desperately hoping everybody around you will like you more for quoting a funny movie line five times in a row within a minute of the character in the movie (which you are currently watching) saying it.

      I'm reeeaaaally hoping that at some point in the game you get to shoot that guy right in the middle of him trying to say that line.

        ... "Did I ever tell you the definition of insanity?"

    that is fantastic on so many levels

    Besides the hearcut and the stretched earlobes (honestly why do people do that shit?), it is an awesome cover piece!

      To be fair this man is insane.

    Terrible cover, even more disinterested in this game. Far Cry 2 was more like Farce Cry 2, I hated that game with a passion, and no amount of tropical mumbo jumbo will bring me back around.

      Your opinion brought a lot to the discussion.

      Far Cry was a lovely game to look at it but beyond that was rather meh. Far Cry 2 captured that perfectly and then some (at least for me). So what's the issue?

    That actually is pretty awesome.

    I've loved this boxart since I saw it but you'll other corners of the internet hating on the cover with a reasonable amount of passion. To each his own I guess.

    Creative! Box Art is generally way too conservative.

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