Another Four Assassin's Creed III Screens Tumble Out, Showing Gameplay

From whence these came originally, your guess is as good as mine, but if Ubisoft is trying to keep screens of Assassin's Creed III secret, they're doing a poor job. Three of these screenshots depict Connor sneaking around a battlefield as Yanks and Redcoats trade fire. You get a look at the game's HUD for the PS3 version, too. A fourth appears to be a cutscene, some commanding officer addressing the troops.

Assassin's Creed III Leaked Images [All Games Beta]

(Note: Images appear as they did today on the site All Games Beta)


    Im not actually looking forward to this game - which is quite funny because i was once a die hard fan who was greatly interested on how it all ended.

    now i usually scroll past ac3 articles....

      Well, no offense, but maybe you should have...

      Cool story bro.

    The graphics in those shots are looking blander than ever.
    Hope they do something to jazz it up a little.

      i wasn't impressed either, won't stop me from buying the game though

    Dont know what crack you guys are smoking, but this looks great!
    Got the freedom edition pre-ordered, cant wait!

    Love AC games they all have a wonderful interwoven story line can't wait for 3

    They look like development screenshots to me. That explains the poor quality graphics. I'm sure AC3 will look beautiful on release day.

    Hud looks little like halo

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