Apparently Gamers Are Now Wearing Sleeping Bags...

Working on Kotaku you get some strange press releases — that's a given — but I got one this morning that utterly blew my mind. "How cool are the new selk'bags!" Began the email. "Although originally designed for campers, we're finding a surprising number of gamers are getting into them (literally!)." WAT?

The selk'bag is now available in Australia and, make no mistake, they are marketing these things to gamers. I find that terrifying.

Originally created for campers and hikers, the selk’bag is proving to be a big hit with gamers. Guys all over Australia and going to keep warm and comfortable around their consoles this winter with these little beauties! The selk’bag is a revolutionary new sleep wear system, very much like a sleeping bag suit.

The clever selk’bag is designed to fit the wearer, making them super comfortable and extremely practical. Unlike traditional sleeping bags, you won’t get tangled up when you roll over in your sleep, or reach for the remote control. The selk’bag even has durable nylon soles so you can walk around it. There’s an opening for your hands so you can play your games easily, or put them back in for warmth when it’s not your turn. Air vents can be opened if you get too warm.

In what world would anyone play video games whilst wearing these things? Is this some massively elaborate practical joke? Sitting in the house looking like drugged out Telly Tubby is not my idea of fun.


    Pfffft, I already have a Snuggy, thanks.

    As someone who sits around the house wearing PJs a lot, and often sleeps in a sleeping bag - this appeals to me a lot.

    Sounds suspiciously like they made up that fact. The best thing about winter is getting to wear heavy clothes and snuggling with an actual blanket while playing games. Why complicate things? This is madness. :P


    My Gas heating bill was ridiculous last winter, mainly because I was up all night gaming. This is exactly what I need!!

    After seeing 500 gamers try and sleep in a sleeping bag while sitting at a table at rflan, I reckon that this would actually sell really well.

    When I was an impoverished student in the south of NZ, we couldn't afford such luxuries as heating. Needless to say things got very cold in the wintertime. We would avoid freezing up by playing marathon PS2 sessions in our sleeping bags. Let me tell you, having your legs forcibly kept together for an extended period of time in a sleeping bag is not pleasant. One day, in the window of a camping store, I saw a sleeping bag with legs. Ever since that day, I have coveted the sleeping bag with legs as my own personal Holy Grail. This suit goes one better. I am gobsmacked.

    I may or may not have a snuggy for much the same reasons...

    Man, I got this all wrong! I don't know you guys at all!


      I give this community too much credit. All those previous discussions about the merits of games, art in games, adult ratings for games and violence in games has hidden the truth: we're all bums.

      Ill take 20!

      Ive always wanted one of these so thanks for this article! *bows*

    I hate the idea of this. I hate snuggies. But damn it would be really good to not have my arms fall off at 2am when I realise I've been zoned out playing games for 4 hours and it's freezing cold.

      Don't worry. I'm with you. How uncomfortable it looks. Besides my gaming room generates so much heat I sweat in winter in there

    If the snuggy wasn't silly enough already... Now you can look even stupider!

    My PC is a good enough heater in Winter. :P

    Wait. Wait wait wait.

    These things are meant to keep you warm.


      I could be wrong here, so bare with me, but I believe the answer is probably "Shut up, that's why!"

      Deserts get REALLY cold at night.

        Also, he's trying to lose weight.

          @ mcgarnical still doesn't explain why hes wearing it in the middle of the day.

    That is the dumbest ugliest thing ever. I want one though, zoned out gaming I never notice the temp drop. Luckily the max height is 6'7 and i'm 6'8 so if I can't not want it due to hate, I can not want it due to sizing.

    I want to live in one. All the time.

    Looking at the site, this stuff seems expensive.The selk bag classic is $198

    Or is it the regular price for a sleeping bag?

      A good sleeping bag can cost a couple of hundred dollars.
      Even if this isn't as good as those, there are probably costs associated with the design.

      That's about right for a decent one. Probably too cheap actually, if you want one with down in it.

        Hmm. I didn't know that. I haven't had much experience with sleeping bags though,

    Customised version that would look like commander shepards armor would be awsome

    Can someone explain the difference between this and a thick jumpsuit? :S

    Holy crap they make people look like a giant brightly coloured Ewok!

    I kind of want one, but fear I would never stop wearing it during winter. Plus there's no way I'm paying $200 for one.

    I think this is a really good idea! I know many gamers (myself included) who enjoying using sleeping bags during their marathon gaming sessions. The selk’bag would be the ideal replacement!

    I think this would be great for surviving the heavily air-conditioned room I spent all of the last game jam in here at school. I spent most of my time with my jacket hood on my head and my dressing gown on the rest of me, but one of these would probably be pretty good.

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