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This is a little experiment so bear with me! Every Wednesday at 11am we usually have 'Ask Me Stuff', but I've come to wonder if this isn't a little egotistical, and by the time I get round to answering the questions, other folks in the community have already answered them! I thought — why not change it to 'Ask Kotaku?' Of course, I'll drop by to answer questions as well, but if you want to just throw a question out there, this is the place...

Also — feel free to direct questions to me if you like, and I'll be happy to answer them* — I just thought doing things this way might make this post more manageable and flexible! Have at it!

*I'm overseas at the moment, so if there's a delay in me answering stuff that's why!


    So, who's played the Dragon's Dogma demo? What did you think?

      I found 5 min this morning. I'm impressed enough to play through the rest of the demo when I get a chance. I liked what I saw.

        I quite liked it. Although I'm still waiting to find out what Capcom is going to cut out of it and sell as DLC.

        Sweet a demo is out! Didn't even realise...

      Didn't even know there was a demo. I'll have to check it out. The official website isn't rendering properly for me in FF or Chrome. Kind of annoying.

      "Ask Kotaku" does sound better.

    Nobody's here to ask questions because it's ANZAC day.

    Except me. I'm at work.

      Also me. Journalist. What's your excuse? Who else is working today and what are you doing?

        My job.

          Also what's your residential address, your credit card number, PIN number, CVV and Medicare number?

        I'm on the other side buddy! Prepress IN THE PRINT SIDE of the newspaper. I know, right? Dying industry and all...


    *assignment day*

      Map the speed of their rotation, if it's more than halfway through, then pop it to the next one, less than halfway, where it started.

      Alternately, assume that the rotation is happening fast enough for people to not care, and so put it into the following state.

      If you're referring to when you rotate it, which puts it "through" another object, then your options are to pop it up as high as it can go, and make it immediately have "collided" with the ground, or, to see if there's "space" for it in its new shape, and so move it one or two blocks to the side.

        I mean with the last bit, yeah. I tried playing Tetris DS for a while to try and observe how they handle it, and for a while it seemed like the general ruleset was try and shift one square in the opposite direction of rotation (eg left for a clockwise rotation, right for anti-clockwise), then if that fails shift up from there by one space, and if that fails shift above the original place by two spaces. But then after playing with that ruleset for a while, it turned out that was wrong and there are cases where it needs to shift laterally opposite by one, then down one. So I added that in between the single sideways shift and the side+up shift. Exceeeeeeept, that makes an L block rotating in a 2x3 (HxW) bucket act wrong. Instead of just spinning around within the bucket, it pops out of it and starts moving sideways. So apparently I need to add in a lateral shift in the *same* direction as rotation. But if I added that in before the side+up one, that would interfere with other sequences and make blocks hop away from walls when they shouldn't be.

        ....or would it? Now I'm not so sure. I guess I'll try throwing that one in the mix. Otherwise I was trying to think of some score-based system where I would mark down which blocks have collided and their position relative to the point of rotation so that I could figure out whether the collision was on the left side, right side, top or bottom. Or a combination thereof. Then decide on the order of operations based on that. But that seems really complicated and requires thinking up a whole bunch of different rules and my brain doesn't want to comply >_>

          Indeed. It's been way too long(Okay, like a year) since I coded anything for me to really help here, but I always ran with "I wonder what happens if I try this?" as my motto, so I'll just provide moral support.

          Yeah! Believe in yourself! You have the power! Feel the burn!

            Well, it looks like making it check side1, side1+down1, side-1, side1+up1, up2 works well for the most part. With a special side2 check after that in the case of I blocks, which may need to shift sideways by two. Though there is an interesting "advanced move" you can now pull off that squeezes either a Z, S or T block through a single-square hole if you have enough space below, thanks to the side+down check.

            Now to just add levels so that the game actually speeds up. And to fix my game over check so that millions of pieces don't start spawning at the top with a cool disco ball effect. And also add a menu so I can give it a high score screen. And then add reading/saving the scores to an external file so I can pass the assignment. Then all the rest of the everything left to do.

            It'd be cool to add t-spin detection. And maybe combos too. SCOPE CREEP!

    Mark, when are you going to tell us exactly what it is your doing on the other side of the world? What secret games are you playing?

      Ricochet 2

    Magnets: How do they work?

      Magnets have a north and south pole, when the north and south poles meet, they stick together.
      When two of the same poles meet, they repel.

        that's what they do, not how they work

          Alright, screw it:

          *fake tears* At least I'm trying, damn it....
          (Not really.)

    Dad just had a heart attack for the first time this morning. He got out of it like a boss though.


    Hah.. Awesome love alpha protocol such a good game any idea if there will be another one?

    What's an ok-ish Android phone I can buy outright for under $200?

      samsung galaxy ace

        Don't do it! That model is so underpowered that it drops calls and fails to run any real apps

    Who put some mint in my chocolate coating?


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