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This is a little experiment so bear with me! Every Wednesday at 11am we usually have 'Ask Me Stuff', but I've come to wonder if this isn't a little egotistical, and by the time I get round to answering the questions, other folks in the community have already answered them! I thought — why not change it to 'Ask Kotaku?' Of course, I'll drop by to answer questions as well, but if you want to just throw a question out there, this is the place...

Also — feel free to direct questions to me if you like, and I'll be happy to answer them — I just thought doing things this way might make this post more manageable and flexible! Have at it!


    Yo Kotaku, Do you guys think EA will support 2 Bioware MMO games at the same time? Because i think an MMO based on the Dragon Age universe would be a pretty good idea. But i doubt they would let Bioware do it as long as SWTOR is still around.

      I don't think they would. If anyone could do it though it would be EA. Maybe if one of the MMOs was outsourced to another studio?

      They're working on (the unannounced) DA3 at the moment, so any future DA MMO would be a fair way off, time-wise, and probably dependant on the next game selling much better than DA2.

      We're more likely to get a Mass Effect MMO than a DA MMO

      Bioware have been struggling to even support SWTOR properly, I doubt they'd try to do a second game.

      Maybe if TOR stays around for 5+ years and keeps a profitable subscription base the entire time. Otherwise I highly doubt it.

    Can you bring back the little Australia flag that appeared for Aus articles?
    It was visually easier to distinguish the articles.

      Extension to that - can the mobile site please go back to showing the author and tags with the main page headlines again? I would personally find that to be more relevant than a single category that is bigger than the article title.

        I'll def sent this and Beavwa's feedback to the design dudes!

        As an extension to this: I kinda miss the little blurbs the articles had on the main page of the mobile site.

    How exactly does the content sharing agreement between Gawker and Allure work? Are there any conditions where you have to post a certain amount of content from the Gawker sites (I know that there is the option to not post content or add an editor's note) or is it simply a case where you have licensed the site names and as an added bonus can use any content from their sites as you see fit?

    With all of the US content bashing, I've always wondered if there was something tying your hands or if most of it was just a case of "there's no reason not to just post this".

      If you were to remove all the content from the internet that people bashed on the internet itself would not exist.
      Hater gonna hate, if someone doesn't like an article or author they simply can choose not to click it.
      Always surprises me when people see who has done the article but still take the time to click in and bash the author.

        We just try to be balanced. I post content that I know some people won't like from the US, but if I think it's really offensive, or inappropriate, I usually can it.

          Is there any obligation to post the content or is it entirely up to you (and other editors) what makes it across?

          I'm not saying that this stuff shouldn't be cross-posted here (aside from the sort of stuff that you are already not putting across), just wondering what the decision making process is and how influenced it is by the Gawker/Allure licensing agreement thing.

          Are YOU the reason we didn't see the cleavage-hiding invention or the online-black-widow-murderer articles?
          Because :B :B :B :B if you are. The former was inexcusable, the latter would have been a repeat of that poor sexually abused guy article all over again.

        There will always be detractors but Kotaku US has a policy of churning out a new article every 20 minutes during peak time. This means that there is a lot of fluff that simply isn't worth checking out (the one sentence articles that seem to boil down to "look what I saw on Reddit/Facebook/9gag/Twitter") and because Kotaku AU doesn't have that same policy, I'm curious about why that stuff makes it across.

        I know that some articles don't get posted during AU peak hours and instead get put aside until night shift, which makes me think that there is some amount of content that has to be cross-posted.

        Basically, I'm just curious about how all of it works.

          It's also worth pointing out that a lot of really interesting longer articles that appear overnight our time get buried in two or three pages of the one-line pieces.

    when will sony nasne be released in aus?

      While an interesting concept, and one that I can see working for many people, nasne is a really stupid name for it.

    I got an invite about the Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Multiplayer Beta, which starts tomorrow, but I didn't particularly like Ghost Recon 2: Advance Warfighter... Kotaku, is it worth checking out?

      If it s6arts tomorrow how will we know :) On a more serious note i imagine that it is probably going to be pretty alright, might be worth checking out if you have time and then you can advise the rest of us!!

      Having this oppurtunity is great. Especially for someone not completely sold on the previous one. You have a better chance to avoid spending money on somthing you dont/wont like by trialling it long before the masses and sponsored reviews sway you otherwise.

        @OZ Damien: Cheers, I'll give it a go, it makes perfect sense to trial it and fashion an oppinion. I may post my thoughts next week on 'Ask Kotaku'. @Rocketman: I thought there might've been a few people who have played some build of the game, in fact; I think they already released an older Beta a while ago.

    On a large percentage of articles people say things like "This isn't news" or "What does this have to do with games?" The usual response is - Kotaku is a gaming and 'gaming culture' blog. But then you have stories about a kid who was raped with a wii remote (Not exactly gaming culture). It seems like you guys have some sort of article quota, or are at least encouraged to put up as many articles as possible.

    My question is: What are the gaming articles Kotaku would never publish. Be it due to ethics or the fact that the article is simply boring. Or is there nothing under the 'gaming' umbrella that Kotaku would not publish.

      Well i have seen them post an article full of penises (thanks Bashcraft) So the sky is the limit. But usually over vulgar stuff or really silly things written by the american site are filtered. out.

      I agree with you -- we used to have a policy of publishing most of the content that was created by the US, but I've started removing stories like the type you mention above, mainly because I don't like them, and it's not what I'm trying to go for with Kotaku Australia.

      You may have noticed a lack of those types of articles over the past couple of months!

        I'm surprised you can even do that, I was under the assumption that as you were using the Kotaku trademark, your were licensed or franchised and therefore bound by strict rules as to how much of the original brand must come through the AU site. I mean shitty US articles aside I definitely came to this conclusion when seeing all the NFL and MLB update articles.

          Yes, I haven't noticed those kind of articles recently. I must admit, that kind of thing really didn't sit well with me. Good on you for having integrity.

    Also, this question is to Mark; What's your thoughts on the Reem situation. I think UFC have something up their sleeves they're not telling us. Why haven't they commented on it to the media yet?

      Mark's got his own thoughts on this, but me? It's Mir now -- though tonight we'll see how Reem goes.
      So bummed.

    What do you think about Grim Dawn? Its being made by the same guys that made titan quest and it looks like an awesome arpg! By the way crate entertainment has started a kickstarter to polish up grim dawn prior to release. For $18us you get a digital version of the game so please back the project if you can :) check it out on kickstarter if you would like more info...

    Why is it that so many popular animated comedy shows have Davids, Matts and Seths involved in their creation? I have some examples if you're unfamiliar with the phenomenon:

    The Simpsons: Matt Groening
    Family Guy: Seth MacFarlane, David Zuckerman
    South Park: Matt Stone
    Futurama: Matt Groening, David Cohen
    American Dad: Seth MacFarlane, Matt Weitzman
    Robot Chicken: Seth Green, Matthew Senreich
    Aqua Teen Hunger Force: Matt Maiellaro, Dave Willis
    Drawn Together: Matt Silverstein, Dave Jeser
    The Cleveland Show: Seth MacFarlane
    Frisky Dingo: Matt Thompson
    Clerks: David Mandel
    Sealab 2021: Matt Thompson
    Unsupervised: David Hornsby

      If you exclude Seth MacFarlane, suddenly there aren't that many animated shows with Seth's involved :p

      Because more often than not, these shows started right in that persons garage as a few strips of animation. And they want to see in to the end because they have invested themselves so heavily into it.

        Ah, that must be it. Thank you. I have another question, though: Don't you think it's a mildly interesting coincidence that so many prominent animated comedies started out as shorts made in garages by passionate amateurs named David, Matt or Seth? If you're unfamiliar with the phenomenon, I'm pretty sure I saw a list of examples on a comments board somewhere recently.

          Well, good animators never have just one idea, they have a whole portfolio. And hitting it big with one show (Simpsons, Family Guy ect) gives them the leeway to make their other ideas come to life. That's why you see the same peoples names attached on so many different shows.

    Mark, these questions are very important. So important.

    A) did you buy Legend of Grimrock yet?
    B) why not?
    C) oh sorry I thought you hadn't, ignore that. ISN'T IT AWESOME
    D) where are all the Legend of Grimrock articles?

    I already beat the game (30 hours, pretty good for a $15 game!) and I can't stop gushing about it! BUY IT ALREADY. ALL OF YOU.

    Oh, and maybe it's too soon, but have we been able to learn where Tracey has wondered off to?

      She's been poached by The Verge's new gaming section that has some fancy name I forget. Remember that story where a bunch of high profile games journalists all left their current positions around the same time and they revealed a new site? They had a second wave of hires recently and Bubble T was one of them.

        Aha! Thank you. The Verge ey? What an... interesting site!

        Found the name, it's called Polygon. She's the Australian Editor and the content is being posted in The Verge's gaming section until the Polygon site opens officially at some point whenever.

          Aha, so this is where Kotaku US's previous editor ended up, too!

    Has anyone worked out the Australian times for the E3 pressers yet?

    Also, Mark... are you sending Junglist again? and if so... are there going to be strict shirt wearing policies this time?

      More importantly, will there be strict no-shirt policies?

      Also, can I expect a golden repeat of last years twitter/kotaku performance from you two?

        Depends on if I'm working... but if I can then hell yeah.

    When is Skullgirls going to be out for us ? Any ideas =(

    Kotaku, Mark
    The trial under way of Anders Breivik has got me thinking about our own mass shooting at Port Arthur. Do you think Bryant pleading guilty and therefore avoiding any ranting and raving of him in court was a benefit for the victims and us as a country dealing with it? Or do you think it would have been better closure if we had of heard him speak?

      Personally, I don't think it really would have made a difference. There is no "logical" way to justify any of these acts. While they may have made perfect sense in Brevik's or Bryant's minds. I don't know the intricate details of the Port Arthur Massacre, but in Brevik's case, the important thing to note is that he's not psychotic. He is a psychopath, but he is grounded in "reality" as much as we can say. So, I guess it depends on the victims relations. Would you prefer to hear "I did it because the fairies told me to," "I did it for marketing purposes," or simply "Yes, I did it." Odds are, their justifications will just make people angrier, so I think it's better to just accept the truth, as much as we can.

    I just bought a large quantity of fresh, new socks. New socks are awesome.

    When was the time you bought new socks? Why has it been so long!

    Mark, do you still have that creepy pillow girlfriend in the office? :P

    Does anyone know if Max Payne 3 on PC will have Steamworks?

    Are there any good reasons for EA's Origin to be so terrible? I bought a game on Friday night - it's now Wednesday and it's still not available.
    Steam purchase = instant availability.
    I want to keep an open mind on Origin, but it's so hard...

      Well, they weren't voted Best Company in America, that's for sure,

    Assuming that I would enjoy each genre equally, should I buy Trials Evolution or Fez? Whatever I get, I am likely to get the other one later on when there’s more gaming downtime.

      Trials Evolution. Get started on those best scores!

      Fez, as good as it is, will be waiting.

    Fez, a console based computer game requires a smartphone with a QR code reader during certain sections... Mass Effect 3 required a tablet based external game to maximise your player score.

    How do you feel about this amalgamation of multiple different games or programs to play the one game you purchased?

      Sorry, and do you see this as a trend likely to continue?

      Are you sure Fez needs that, or is it just for a cube or two? You don't need all the cubes to finish the game only to 100% it (i think).

      Frankly I find Fez a little opaque and can see myself FAQing it down the track.

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