Aussie Nintendo Store: Online Enabled

It's a week of trying something new with something old. There's actually a Virtual Console game that has been online enabled, the first of its kind outside of Japan at least and it's a popular franchise you might actually enjoy. Let's take a look.

3DS Virtual Console The Legend of Zelda (NES, Nintendo, $7.50) - Go back to where it all started, unless of course you already have the game because your'e a Nintendo 3DS Ambassador and then this is a free update to the game. 3DS Virtual Console titles add save and restore points to the game and in this one, they're actually useful.

Wii Virtual Console Super Street Fighter II (Mega Drive, Sega, 800 Points) - Yes yes another version of Street Fighter II on the Virtual Console service, but wait this one is a little bit different! This one actually is actually online enabled, the first time a Virtual Console game (outside of Japan) has actually had features added to it. It's not the SNES version… but the world isn't a perfect place.

Anything for yourselves then?

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    Wii doesn't have the HD upgrade, so a megadrive version is as good as it gets lol.

    I thought Pokemon Snap was modified too.

    Screw your SNES version, the MegaDrive version of SSFII has more animation frames and controls better too.

      ^ This... if anything, the SNES just had better sound... but who need better sound at the expense of botching the gameplay?

        Who needs better sound? SFII is also famous for its sound effects..

        ROUND 1, FIGHT!
        Ugh, ugghhh, uggghhhh

        The sad bit is the Yamaha YM2612 (the MegaDrive sound chip) is more than capable at producing great versions of SSFII's music, Capcom just used a horible sound driver and someone that wasn't up to the task for the port.

    Oh man, for a second I thought there was a release of The Legend of Zelda as a 3D classic. Next time then.

      Why not put A Link to the Past on the virtual store for the 3DS too, Nintendo? Would that be so bad?

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