Awkward Speed Dating Moments Rescued By World Of Warcraft

The true power of World of Warcraft was unleashed during the second episode of BBC program World Series of Dating, when a pair of awkward strangers suddenly discover they have one major thing in common.

It doesn't matter how old, young, pretty or plain you are; if you play World of Warcraft you've instantly got something to talk about with anyone else that plays. This is proven in a clip from the BBC's speed-dating reality program, World Series of Dating. Just look at how those two light up when they realise they're both online gamers!

Of course, the relationship could never work. He's Alliance, she's Horde. The world doesn't need another Gnomeo and Juliet story.

Guy from Method on World Series of Dating [YouTube]


    Haha that is awesome, she was stoked.

    What a dude, drops a line like "I was in Method" she practically dropped her bits after that. Best one liner for WoW ever? hahaha

    If that guy bothered rocking a normal hairstyle and groomed sensibly, he'd be passable. faux Rattails still bug the hell out of me.

    "What is that all about?" "I have no Idea" Sounds like my misses and her GF when my mate and I are chatting. lol

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