Bethesda's Lawyers Threaten Guy Giving Away Free Fallout Posters

Late last year, artist Erling Løken Andersen thought it would be a nice idea to set up a website for his Fallout fan art. It was lovely art, coming in the form of posters, and in a nice touch, Andersen even uploaded incredibly high-resolution (and vector!) versions so people could print out their own copies.

Enter DLA Piper, a law firm representing publishers Bethesda, who own the rights to (most of) the Fallout universe. They sent a two-page letter threatening Andersen for having distributed the art, despite the fact he was not charging for it, and that Bethesda does not itself offer such images for sale.

So Andersen sent a very polite, very considered letter back, outlining his case and why DLA Piper's points of contention don't apply to a guy giving away art on the internet. You can read both letters at the link below. The lawyers are yet to respond.

I'm sure DLA Piper are just working off a brief, and this has nothing to do with Bethesda specifically targeting the guy, but still, when you hire a firm to conduct business in your name, it's your name that gets dragged into this kind of petty bullshit.

Threatened with lawsuit by Bethesda; This was my reply [Erling Løken Andersen, via NeoGAF]


    "when you hire a firm to conduct business in your name, it’s your name that gets dragged into this kind of petty bullshit."

    This. Sort your shit out, Bethesda. Keep the dogs on the leash.

      Lawyers only act on instructions from their client. Sorry but you can't blame the lawyers for this one.

        I think that's what 'Keep the dogs on a leash' means, Bethesda has to control what it's lawyers are dong ^.-

    Now I'm no high powered lawyer from the big city (I just work in a law firm in the country) but what is the difference between this and the thousands of fan created images on deviantart and other sites.

    Man, Bethesda are pretty freaking terrible when it comes to PR. If they didn't have the glitchy juggernaut that was Skyrim, they'd be hated as much as EA.

      its not so much as bethesda softworks (ie Todd Howard and Co) but more their parent company of Zenimax media section for games (bethesda).

      It like Blizzard and Activison-Blizzard

      To Bethesda, the 3rd worst company in America!

    Man, if someone has these in Vector for printing could they email them to me? I would be very grateful as they'd go along with my Bioshock posters and Fallout tattoo quite well. I guess I can post my email if someone has them.... I will now hold my breath.

      I'd be keeping that Fallout tatt to myself man, Bethesda's legal team may be reading.

    Good luck to this guy, I don't think he will win if it comes down to it, but maybe with the negative publicity, Bethesda will call off the dogs

    Is it tragic that the first response to the guys blog and response letter revolved around bitching about minor spelling mistakes/grammar as oposed to the actual topic?


    Are all the gaming companies in a competition to prove that they're the biggest dicks in the insustry?

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