Big W Throws A 7-Day Game Sale

Big W Throws A 7-Day Game Sale

Everyone seems to be having a game sale, and Big W is no exception.

Over the next seven days Big W is having an online-only sale with a new deal kicking off each day. While the sale is not as big as Dick Smith’s, JB Hi-Fi’s or Harvey Norman’s store-wide sales, Big W has some decent deals.

These are the sale items and the day they begin:

April 2 – Xbox 360 and PS3 arcade sticks – $68 April 3 – Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations (PS3 and 360) – $69.92 April 4 – Dirt 3 Complete Edition (PS3 and 360) – $44.84 April 5 – Silent Hill Downpour (PS3 and 360) – $69.92 April 6 – Star Wars Kinect (360) – $48 April 7 – Ridge Racer Unbounded (PS3 and 360) – $69.92 April 8 – FIFA Street (PS3 and 360) – $72

These deals are available online only and come with free delivery. The deals are available from the specified days and go until April 8 (or until stocks last).

Prices in store may differ to those listed online. You can buy the games by visit Big W online.


  • I know some people can’t or won’t purchase online (ozgameshop,etc.) but even without taking into account online savings, that sale really is quite meh.

  • I’ve read up reviews and people say those sticks aren’t bad and people are selling them on ebay for 150aud. I probably would get the stick myself. Not an expert on sticks though. This will probably be my first one.

    • As a first stick it might be alright, but I assume it doesn’t use all sanwa parts at that price, so a bit meh overall because of that, though a person new to sticks won’t be able to tell the difference anyway. A good stick will cost a lot more though, a madcatz TE of some sort, a qanba Q4, an eightarc, HORI real arcade pro SA.

    • As someone who uses an arcade stick daily for hours at a time, i suggest do yourself a favor and get a good quality arcade stick. I started off many years back with a cheap $50 Hori arcade stick and within a month, the movement got stiff and the buttons got unresponsive. You could go ahead and buy a cheap arcade stick, then mod it with sanwa parts fairly cheaply if you’re willing to put in the effort, buttons are around $5 a piece (of which you would need at least 6), and the stick is 15-20.

      Otherwise your best bet is just buying a madcatz TE or Hori RAP, they have gotten pretty cheap nowadays. I believe the madcatz stick is now hovering around $150, and to think i paid almost $300 for my first madcatz TE..

  • I ordered DiRT 3 for $33 from OzGameShop – decent deal but I’m still waiting for it over 31 days later. Which is worse…

    • Still waiting for my copy of SFxTekken CE from them. It’s been more than 20 days now and I get this feeling my copy is lost in transit. 🙁

      • I’m in the same boat. I got so impatient I just bought a standard copy from JB Hifi during the sale last week.

    • Ahhh, the joys of free shipping. Didn’t anyone warn you they send of via the cheapest surfacce means possible.

      I went back to play-asia becuase I can get stuff within a week even if I do pay for shipping.

    • Woah! Id check up on your orders people, Ozgameshops policy is 5 to 12 days max. Most games usually turn up within 7 days, the longest Ive waited was 14 days for Mortal Kombat when it was released. Most of my games arrive within 7 days – 6 days for my last game.

  • Ned Stark was right, winter is coming*

    *and winter brings the end of the financial year and stocktake

  • Are those sticks HORI sticks?
    Man for 60 bucks you could gut one of those and fill it with some nice arcade quality parts 🙂

    • They do look like HORI EX2 sticks

      Though I’m pretty sure you need a soldering iron to custom mod those sticks

      Not a deal breaker, but it makes things a bit more complicated.

  • Loved that I bought FIFA Street from Harvey Norman, typically the last resort for buying games, for $39 – and yet Big W consider $72 a “sale” price. The discrepancies are mind-blowing.

  • Why is this even news? These sale prices are pretty much inline with that BigW normally do, and within one to two weeks, they will be back to their normal prices.
    Lets just hope that they have stock for customers that do want to buy from them… unlike Dick Smith…

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