Borderlands 2 Gets A New Character Class -- But It's DLC

In a panel at PAX East, Gearbox Software just revealed that Borderlands 2 will add a new class — the "Mechromancer". The bad news? She's DLC.

She's not entirely paid DLC, she's the dreaded pre-order bonus, so it is possible to get her for free, but you're gonna have to pick up that game on day one. Which shouldn't be a problem for the rabid diehards who obsessed over the "role-playing shooter" when it arrived in 2009.

Those who did play the first game (and still have their gamesave, of course) will be given a custom character skin and a unique head as a thank-you, Gearbox said at the same panel.

Some of the game's special edition premiums — which the studio had put up to a suggestion box last year — also were revealed. There will be two tiers of special editions. The "Deluxe Vault Hunters Edition" at $US99, gets a Marcus Kincaid bobble head. He's the weapons supplier with the lothario accent who narrates the first game.

The second, an "Ultimate Loot Chest Edition" delivers you a stylised Borderlands loot chest with all the goodies packed inside. It doesn't open up with hydraulics — it's more like a jewelry box, but it matches a community suggestion as best it could. More goodies and premiums in both editions will be announced later.

Finally, the Gearbox gang tossed out Easter eggs with codes inside, redeemable at a special website, that allowed attendees to insert their names into Borderlands 2 or Aliens: Colonial Marines as an Easter egg. (Pictured above.)


    I hate Gearbox Software sooo much, then again most companies do this these days. Announcing DLC BEFORE the game itself is released...Jesus...

    Rockstar Games can do it because their DLC is like, whole campaigns that take years to finish.

      you idiot. you hate gearbox for this? look at what mass effect 3 did. if you hate gearbox for this you must want to kill the makers of mass effect 3.

        is it possible that he DOES hate Bioware? Calling him an idiot is unnecessary.

          Pretty much everyone hates the EA Bioware now though...

    Wow, just wow....
    A preorder bonus that is an entire character class?
    Wonder who thought that was a good idea in a multiplayer game.
    Imo, they should have stuck with the tried and tested extra armor and guns that only give you a leg up until you find something better.
    Here's hoping they have the sense to let people buy her outright at some point down the track, because not everyone who is going to play borderlands 2 is going to know about this before the game even arrives in stores....

      "She’s not entirely paid DLC" Pretty much implies it's a pre-order bonus that if you miss will be available for purchase a la Mortal Kombat

    WTF is gaming coming to when new features for sequals are being sold off as DLC.

    DUDE! They haven't developed the character yet!! Its an idea that they want to make but they won't be able to release it in time for launch, stop being so critical!!

      No, I doubt it. Things like character classes were the fist things they made, because the rest of the game is based around them and not the other way around. So either they HAVE already made this class and they're being stingey, or it's going to feel shoehorned in.

    I hate modern gaming. I remember when you'd purchase a game and that'd be it. A free update might provide a few extra MP maps and such and there might be an expansion pack that'd usually be a whole campaign (Duke Nukem Platonium Pak, Doom 3 Ressurection of Evi, Quake Mission Pakcs) now we're purchasing DLC of little tiny things and developers have the audacity to announce them BEFORE the game itself is released.

      The tiny DLC they're announcing should be content that's in the game when it's released.

        And it ends up costing twice as much as the game should.

      You hate modern gaming and yet you read kotaku?

        You are stupid, aren't you?

        I don't hate modern gaming as a whole, I hate stupid DLC like costumes and such and what I hate more then that kind of DLC is when a developer announces it BEFORE the game is released. The content should be part of the game when it's released..

      Buy the vanilla version and get on with your life, mate.

      3d shooters just aint what they used to be. too damn easy, no replay value and just plain boring. i can only sit around hoping that one day someone resurrects the formulae of old.


      What are you, stupid? They're announcing content prior to a games release, therefore the content should be included in the game itself - not sold as a seperate DLC post-release.

      This is like those developers that include DLC on the disc at launch. It should already be in the damn game.

        Announcing it before release doesn't mean that it should be in the game that would be like saying well they announced that their would be expansions to some games before the original was released. So the expansion should be part of the game

        Nothing wrong with announcing that there will be DLC before you have released the game.

        The issue here is that a class shouldn't be DLC.

        She shouldn't be a pre order bonus she should be the online pass. That way it's not DLC but if you feel like not supporting the dev and buying used. You suffer.

          You've got the point I'm trying to make. With expansions (I'm talking, proper campaigns like Ressurection of Evil and the GTA IV expansions) they can announce them prior to release because they usually take many months to develop but if it's something as small as a character class it should be included in the retail game.

            It's good to see that your priorities in life are in order. That neckbeard

              Ahh, the old "YOU'RE COMPLAINING ABOUT SOMETHING DUMB, YOU MUST HAVE BAD LIFE PRIORITIES LOL!" argument. Didn't I see you in a Cracked article about "arguments you make when you're losing"?

                Snap! I thought that too.

        I'm sorry this is a moronic argument.

        If tomorrow blizzard announced the first diablo 3 expak. Does that mean because it was announced before release it should be part of the actual release.

        Personally I would prefer if this was advertised as the online pass type thing that you got if you bought the game new. As opposed to a pre-order get(though you could pre order the day before release and get it logically).

        And besides if it's only a class and nothing more. It's not really going to change the experience with the game since you can only play 1 class at a time. And if the class doesn't interest you at it's basic level. I know guys who refused to even consider playing a different class in Borderlands so unless the class is really unique your not going to be missing out on actual gameplay or story by not having it(again assuming that it is nothing more than a class).

        Yet it's a huge thing for those of u's who love borderlands we're getting rewarded for pre ordering(which is it reallythat hard to do at least so far they haven't said it's gated to the collectors edition ala ME3)

        And for those who like to play all the classes their replayability potential just jumped

          Heh apparently I responded to you once this morning when I was hungover drunkenness woot

    Bad Bad Bad Bad move.

    Unless they offer it for free a month after release. That would actually be fairly good. Pre-order, get to play this class a month earlier (i.e. at launch) and then after a while, everyone that purchased the game can play it.

    To be honest, I'm probably going to pre-order it anyway, but this is bad/stupid/unfair/etc. anyway

    A whole class as a pre order bonus? I guess I'll have to resist temptation and miss out on it waiting for a steam special. That's my main reason for not buying things on release, you always feel like a chump when the a steam special comes along. Always.

      The Mechromancer isnt coming out at launch

    I mean yes it wouldn't have been thought up when the core game was being developed (or at least late enough into it's creation).

    Yes it is a seperate idea with a seperate budget.

    And yes it wouldn't have been fully developed/balanced in time for them to submit the game for rating w/e.

    BUT you would think after EVERYTHING that has happened not just this year (Capcom/EA) but basically ever since the inception of DLC, relating to Day 1 content as pre-order bonuses, that MAYBE studios would realise it's a bad idea to include anything but skins/weapons that don't break the game or content that Day 2+'s will get for free later on. I mean maybe that will be the case, it isn't mentioned either way.

    Next thing you'll be telling me the Mechromancer is included on disc, then I'll know game studios really have no idea what they're doing.

    People need to just stop complaining about everything, they know how to make a game better than any of us, its easy to talk, but not easy to actually implement, we'll get what we get, if you dont like it dont buy it, easy solution.

    People will buy it, thats the sad part.

      Why is it sad I've been looking forward to B2 since the original and have had a pre order for months it affects me in no way.

      And I unlike certain DLC's it's highly unlikely that the class (should have/does have) ramifications for the greater game universe

    c u next tuesday move is a c u next tuesday move.

    DLC is meant to extend a game's appeal once everyone's pretty much over and done with it. Announcing day one or pre order DLC just shows that this dlc isn't designed to make players enjoy the game more, it's just so the publisher/developer can make a quick buck.

      Are you serious? Developers and publishers WANT to make money? I had no idea. I thought they were just in it for the lulz. To read peoples ridiculous comments on kotaku AU.

    This just in: Producing and selling games is a business!

      About to post that myself. You get an extra character class for pre-ordering the game, if you buy the game on day one then you get a reward for not waiting a year to find it in the clearance pile? I don't have a big issue with this. If anything I'm pretty stoked because this means that they can implement new classes as DLC later down the track. If you're so upset then don't buy the game? If you're so upset but still want to play the game and get the class buy it on day one? Some people expect everything given to them on a golden platter.

    Oh noez! Gearbox are trying to make money! Whatever will we do. Oh, that's right: Gamers are a bunch of whingy idiots.

    It's a "BONUS" not included in the standard game. They're allowed to not include it in the main game.

    Get over yourselves.

    Preorder if it means that much to you. It's not like they are saying it is coming out tomorrow and you all got screwed. Plenty of time to scrimp your pennies together. oh that's right, you know what's required to get what is essentially a reward for something, but you don't want to do what's needed. You would rather get the reward for doing nothing. It's not DLC. It's a preorder bonus that they are making available to anyone who didn't, which they don't have to do.

    Has the game even got to the certification stage yet? If it hasn't, this class has been cut from the game for the sole purpose of DLC.

      it will probably be in certification before the class is finished.

      that, and I don't think the class was really planned to be in the release. It does seem like a bonus for pre-ordering.

    I don't understand the "outrage" at this...New class available for those that pre-order, boost initial sales, Gearbox can say to publisher "Hey look, our sales boosted up because of this class, perhaps we should keep our current Borderlands 2 staff, who worked really hard on this initial game so that we can work on more content to sell to customers" fans of game are happy and buy extra DLC, Borderlands 3 announced and the cycle continues. Sounds like the best possible situation IMO. Yes it would suck if you can't afford to pre-order atm (like me) and you could miss out on the class, but seeing the success of something like Marvel vs. Capcom 3 or Mortal Kombat sales (or the perceived success) for "DLC" characters/classes/skins/fatalities would surely mean that Gearbox, who aren't stupid, would release this class as paid DLC later. But for something like $5 on top the game (especially if you only paid $50 for it as opposed to $80-110) is honestly no big deal. I do believe Batman: Arkham City had pre-order DLC characters -cough- Robin -cough- and I don't recall such outrage over the EXACT SAME THING

    I wish they would just increase the price of the vanilla game by $10-20 in the first place and stop relying on DLC, or sell a version a little bit more which includes all DLC current and future. At the very least make the DLC value for money, I've yet to find one that actually qualified as value for money compared to the original cost of the game.

    Me, I just wait 12-24 months for a complete edition for $20-30.

    Jesus people, it's a bonus character who will be completely unecessary that you get as a FREE bonus if you preorder. If you are mad about this, you are wrong. Is it bad timing to announce day one DLC right after the Mass Effect 3 debacle? Ok, sure, it looks bad. But get some goddamn perspective.

    This is a dumb move. They should have done what Batman did and make her only available if you purchase new.

    i was pre-ordering this game anyway, so i don't really mind...

    they could've done a capcom and put the class on the disc, not make it for pre-order, and then sell it 3 months after the games release

    wait just a minute... you mean that gearbox has the audacity to make the four characters and classes that we've all expected... and then they went and made another character and offer it as a preorder bonus... how dare this COMPANY try to make money... let's boycott and petition and send e-mails IN ALL CAPS!!!!

      Dude...calm down go to gamestop put 5 dollars down on the game and then pay 55 dollars when it comes out u dont lose money no one gains money it just reserves a copy for u -.-

    All they had to do is change the news title to "bonus dlc character for free if you pre-order Borderland 2" then everyone would be happy.

    Get it inside your head, if you pre order a week before the game comes out (if you can't put down $10 a week before release day, then I don't think you can afford the game).

    Or wait for GOTY edition, bargain bin etc.

    Meh. I'm preordering the CE of it anyway. On top of that, why shouldn't those that buy brand new and at full price get a little extra over those that wait for big sales to get the games cheaper?

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