Borderlands 2 Needed Afros, So Gearbox Added Character Customisation

Earlier today I attended Gearbox's panel at PAX East, where they revealed a badarse new downloadable class in the works for Borderlands 2.

But the existing four classes still needed some flair. Enter the new character customisation feature, through which you can create all sorts of wacky costumes and hair colours for your character.

There are also "bazillions" of character skins to choose from, so there's definitely a healthy amount of fun to be had with building your new treasure hunter/mercenary.


    New class? Their breaking up the rule-of-4 formula? That's interesting....

    I imagine they will have to release another down the track now so they have 6

    More importantly, what the hell is that creepy Candle Jack-looking thing below and to the right of the screen?

      You mean the rabbit? They were giving out easter eggs that had codes inside that could be redeemed to have your name as an easter egg in the game.

      Looks like an Easter bunny to me.

        Yeah i am pretty sure that's a bunny.

        A Borderbunny... woot

          Oh yeah, of course. But it's still eeeeeevil...

    my favorite part was that there was an asterix on "bazillions", is if just to make sure that people realise that there may not be a "bazillion" skins

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