Borderlands 2 PC Does Amazing Things With Nvidia's GPU PhysX

During last week's GeForce Kepler Editor's Day event, Gearbox founder and CEO Randy Pitchford appeared in video form to show off what Borderlands 2 can do with Nvidia's GPU accelerated PhysX. It's rather gorgeous.

One day I'll look back at this video as the main reason I spent my entire time in Borderlands 2 on the PC looking for bits of cloth to shoot up and puddles to stomp in.

I am a complete sucker for realistic physics simulation. Shooting at people, places, and things in games is something I see every day. It's business-as-usual. Shooting a tarp in half, on the other hand, is fresh and new, and until EA launches its annual tarp-shooting franchise, this is all I've got.

Borderlands 2 NVIDIA GTX 680 Tech Demo (CAM) [YouTube via TopoftheGames]


    Video was cool. I still haven't forgiven Randy for killing Duke.

      Surely George Broussard is more to blame? If anything, it's Randy's fault for not just letting DNF die and rebooting the franchise from scratch.

      The way I see how things worked out, Randy picked up what Broussard left behind and dusted it off slightly and put it out there simply to get it out there and done with. I'm pretty sure Gearbox is now going to do their own 'Duke-reborn' type project to wash that nasty taste from our memories.

      Maybe I'm being too hopeful and idealistic, but it makes a lot of sense to me based on what's been said.

    Holy shit! this video made me bar up a bit

    Got it, skip borderlands 2.
    Borderlands was a fun game, but on a much better machine with a much faster ATI card it runs worse than the much slower machine with a gf8800. I can only assume this is because they fell into the classic trap of optomising for nvidia to the point of screwing it up for ATI.... If I need a Nvidia advertisment I can go to I will not be changing my set up for a Borderlands2

      It's not screwing ATI/AMD, ATI/AMD did that for themselves because they chose not to support PhysX, even when NVidia did offer them a chance...

      Anyways when are you supporting ATI/AMD anyways, you knew it lacked support for PhysX, what for slightly cheaper prices and at most 5% more fps on some games....

      Also Borderlands ran slower on ATI/AMD cards was not the devs fault, it was ATI/AMD fault for not updating their drivers for it, NVidia usually has a driver update for every major PC Game release on the release date, sure some are beta but they work... ATI/AMD are very slow for the updates because they have a much smaller team working on the drivers and they sometimes not optimise games that have full NVidia support, while NVidia adds optimisations for games optimised for ATI/AMD.

      Two ways of achieving these effects:

      1. PhysX hardware accelerated physics = nVIDIA

      2. Software physics ie Havok engine = ATI

      Difference? Software simulations are CPU intensive and result in frame rate losses. Hardware physics uses actual hardware for physics calculations. ATI offers no hardware physics acceleration in their GPU's. At the end of the day its ATI's loss because they offer no alternative to nVidia's hardware physx.

      why don't you get a cheap nvidia card dowload the driver sowftware and set it as a physX only card.

        Yea Lagunareturns, Nvidia never actually giving AMD/ATi a chance to use PhysX (Since they bought Ageia) and using it in the handful of games throughout the past 8 years really stomps AMD today. I still like the part where they threw out the idea of mix-and-matching a capable Nvidia card for PhysX and an ATi card as the primary graphics card. Yet they haven't done any improvements to PhysX in itself, just slight performance increases.
        'This game can only run great with an Nvidia GTX 680, all other cards can't compare!' >.>
        I still bet an Nvidia 460 can play this game fine under PhysX and 1920x1080 beyond medium settings and 4xAF. It's not like Borderlands 2/Nvidia are using unique features that weren't present from the early Ageia cards.

    Wonder how well it will work with an ATI card........

    Well it can work with ATI if someone can force the game PhysX to enabled on ATI and have the PhysX software to use the CPU... It's the same for Batman Arkham Asylum, you can install PhysX and set it to CPU on ATI card but it won't enable on the game as it has to detect NVidia video card even though you have set it to CPU and it will use the CPU, if you set it, when you use NVidia card and enable PhysX on the game...

    Still the issue is PhysX is optimised for high end NVidia cards and no longer the CPU so expect poorer framerates even if you can get it to work on CPU while NVidia can now use the video card and CPU on PhysX.

    Looks great, I can't wait for it to filter through to all games. Good times ahead for gamers is what I say!

    just grab a cheap ass nividia card and run it as physixs, dont no why he kept saying 680,
    you need about a 420 to run physix on, there like $30 so keep ur kick ass cards as ur main and run a cheap dedicated physix card, will help with a few other games as well, not many but some. :D

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