Brand New PS Vita Game Announced. It's Called Soul Sacrifice.

Leaked scans from the upcoming issue of Japanese game magazine Famitsu reveal a brand new game for the PS Vita. It's called Soul Sacrifice.

The game features a wizard protagonist, who wields mind power and a sword. The Famitsu spread shows game concept art of a wizard with a pockmarked face, a large dragon, as well as ogre type monsters.

The art looks dark — somewhat reminiscent of Dark Souls, but far more grotesque. The game promises, "vividly real fantasy in high spec". More details will be revealed about the game — including the developer — at a Sony event next month.

So, Dark Souls meets Monster Hunter?

『ソウルサクリファイス』ハイスペックで描かれる真実のファンタジー [ゲーム情報!ゲームのはなし]

(Top photo: 2ch)


    looks alright, cant wait to play, hopefully it will be good

    Wouldn't it be awesome if this came out this year, was a secret game, AND a big Japanese system seller?

    I'll keep my eye on it. Frankly, I haven't found too much to buy for my Vita. Maybe this game will change that. When it comes out much later.

      Hmm..hearing this makes me very hesitant in a purchase.

    This looks promising. I've been waiting on some Vita IP announcements that aren't ports or existing franchises. But it looks like more Unit 13 and Fifa Football come MGS HD collection and Gravity Rush...

    Need some big Japanese games so hopefully this is it and can push the vita

    Coming to the west at least 2 years from... now.

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